Organizations can keep an eye on the efficacy of their subscription models with the help of Subscription analytics software. This kind of solution is commonly used by SaaS solution providers that sell their items with the aid of a monthly subscription model. The perpetual licensing as per the traditional method is opposed by this system. While subscription solutions benefit the customers in terms of flexibility, sellers require to continuously persuade their clients to continue their subscription. 

Most platforms are currently using subscription-based customer plans to promote long-term association with buyers. There are multiple options in pricing also available these days that offer users the freedom to choose according to their needs and only pay for the features available. These pricing models include flat-rate, tiered, usage-based, module-based, and user-based packages. However, despite such flexible features, it can get difficult to lure customers owing to the increasing competition in the field. This is where subscription analytics software comes into action.

Subscription analytics software provides all the required tools to analyze the subscription business. It scans and identifies gaps in the subscription business system and notifies users with real-time insights to review and fix issues. Newer versions of business analytics software can also be used for augmented analytics.

Why is subscription analytics software important?

Here are the 10 best subscription analytics software available in the market in 2022 that can be used for gathering real-time insights into the market performance of subscription-based platforms.

Business analytics is essential to make strategic decisions. The market for analytics software has seen exponential growth in recent years. Business analysts use these platforms to obtain data from heterogeneous sources and automate business management. According to a recent report, the analytics software market is growing with a CAGR of 7.3% and is expected to reach 103.65 billion USD by 2026.

The sales department uses the Subscription analytics software to keep a check on the effectiveness of their sales process and to discover the latest trading opportunities. Plus, the finance team can analyze the generated revenues of the existing or new clients with the help of Subscription analytics solutions. At last, the potential investors can leverage the subscription analytics to conclude whether or not to invest capital in a software firm. 

Subscription analytics solution is presented as a standalone result or as a proportion of subscription operation software. Some subscription analytics results also entail features or modules for profit recognition. In this article, we will discuss the key features that users must keep in mind before choosing the analytics software for their business. In addition, we have listed the top 10 subscription analytics software that you can explore in 2022.

What are the key features of subscription analytics software?

To qualify for addition in the Subscription Analytics software, a product must:

  1. Dissect facts about distinct subscription solutions
  2. Trace the effectiveness of client impulses like free trials
  3. Offer dashboards that give a real-time study of subscription data
  4. Adjudge the impact of any fluctuations to strategies or outputs on the subscription profit
  5. Acquire and member subscription data using bars like client size or geography 
  6. Distinguish the subscribers with the top threat of wiping out their subscription
  7. Entail reports, KPIs, and analytics like customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value (CLTV), or monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

The rapidly growing technological world has a lot to offer you. There is a wide range of Subscription analytics solutions available for purchase in the market. The following listicle covers the top 10 Subscription analytics solutions. Every subscription analytics solution comes with its pros and cons, so you’ll be required to select the solution that’s suitable according to your requirement and specific budget.

In previous times, eCommerce businesses focused on one-off purchases to determine their trades. But gradually, customers have shifted their preferences relating to purchases. Businesses and clients are highly prioritizing relationship-driven eCommerce trades. Subscription analytics has come to be known as the soul of that change. Well, subscriptions are now the leading arena of eCommerce and are less like to face a slow pace any time soon. Like every other solution, subscriptions, too, come with their benefits.

Which are the top 10 subscription analytics software in 2022?

If you’re willing to grow your monthly sales and income generation, shifting to subscription analytics software is a perfect platform to initiate with. Subscriptions offer an incredible chance for eCommerce trades to design strong and unshakable relationships with their clients, unlock potential income opportunities, and build a community among customers.

The recurring income and consistent nature are some of the most remarkable features of subscription analytic software. The assumable revenue that comes along with subscriptions enables management to:

  1. Comprehend and invest accordingly,
  2. Classify and handle inventory more efficiently, and
  3. Trace profits with comfort and accuracy.

To make it simpler for you, we’ve enlisted the 10 leading subscription analytics solutions available in the market.

  1. ProfitWell

ProfitWell aids subscription products and firms in achieving accelerated recurring income growth. The software achieves this perfection by herding better monetization, client retention, and perceptivity, with results supported by data wisdom.

  1. Chargebee

The Chargebee solution allows subscription trades to store, retain, and increase income opportunities with the aid of revenue analytics, automatic recurring billing, and subscription management. Chargebee becomes an inseparable part of your revenue generation activities by mixing well with your tech stack. The Chargebee solution is known to optimize efficiency across your growth, trading, and finance activities to speed up the growth of your subscription income.

  1. SaaSOptics

The flourishing B2B SaaS organizations are benefited from SaaSOptics as it automates financial activities. SaaSOptics is a well-known subscription management solution. It is cloud-based software. SaaSOptics solution enables businesses to drag exact SaaS criteria and analytics snappily, scale billing and remunerations easily and automate GAAP-biddable profit recognition. Organizations relying on SaaSOptics software discard their parlous reliance on spreadsheets and simplify fiscal activities. SaaSOptics is simple to use and has built trust among potential suitors. It is found beneficial for initial-level startups and offers a simplified implementation process.

  1. RevenueCat

The RevenueCat subscription solution is designed especially for mobile apps. It offers strong analytics along with a measurable subscription backend without the need to manage servers. The open-source framework of the RevenueCat solution comes with a backend and wrapper across Google Play Billing and Store kit to make subscription and in-app trades convenient. 

Whether you are building a new app or already have millions of customers, you can use RevenueCat aids in fetching products, checking subscription progress with the help of SDKs, making purchases, etc. The customers can configure and host items manually from RevenueCat’s dashboard. 

RevenueCat assists the clients to study the most essential metrics for their app trade in a single place. The vendors can keep a check on clients’ transaction histories, access to upgraded subscriptions, and chart lifetime value. With its convenient integrations, the programmer can transfer enriched purchase events to attribution tools and analytics.

  1. Woopra

Woopra is Customer Journey Analytics software that is reconsidering how organizations acknowledge, examine, seize and retain their clients. The solution is built to accelerate growth and optimization throughout the entire client lifecycle. Using individual-position data to aggregate analytics reports for packed lifecycle perceptivity that bridge departmental breaches. 

Woopra’s shadowing technology tracks operation across your mobile, website, and product operations. Woopra is known for connecting the entire customer journey. It offers the ease of finding users and reaching them quickly without a fuss. You can add different filters which find something, which is also a helpful feature.

  1. ChartMogul

The ChartMogul solution assists businesses to unlock the complete fortune of their subscription billing data. ChartMogul extracts raw information from different sources and converts it into alluring and easy-to-analyze visualizations, allowing anyone within a firm to run interpretations and gather deep insights from their client and income metrics. It offers immediate updates relating to the product and its price. ChartMogul is capable of handling the most complicated operations without chaos.

  1. Apphud

Apphud solution is the convenient way to amalgamate measure and build in-app purchases, considering subscriptions, in Android apps and iOS. This software is designed for flourishing traders, mobile developers, and product accountants. Apphud solution offers a flexible subscriptions infrastructure, strong pricing A/B analyzing platform, deep real-time mobile analytics, and tool kit to improve app income generation. It aids in reducing churn and obtaining maximum client insights. The server code is not required in this solution. The customers are impressed by the analytics module of Apphud software. The Apphud solution offers you fair pricing in comparison to identical tools.

  1. Pabbly Subscriptions

Pabbly subscription is a cloud-based solution. It specializes in management activities and subscription billing. It comes with a topmost payment gateway integration to offer convenience in payment collection. It provides functions that simplify your tasks such as management of tax on your billing, employing reverse expenses on the tax calculations, management of client dashboard with single sign-on, client’s subscriptions management. Plus, it assists in promoting your products with an advanced affiliate management system; managing payouts, determining commission rules, and much more.

  1. Cleeng

Cleeng is a well-known Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) solution. It has accumulated a fortune of experience of more than 10 years in the Media & Entertainment industry. The organization has designed this extraordinary solution to reduce churn and determine retention with the help of a million data points. 

Cleeng’s SRM™ solution is a part of the entire subscriber journey, from starting enrollment and trading to building security, recurring billing, unique identity management, and assistant team experiences. Cleeng software now aims to improve these retention metrics to reach a positive ROI and to continue to lead the subscriber base year on year.

  1. Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Subscription is a convenient software for organizations willing to automate recurring billing and subscription management. Starting from signup to recurring payments, Zoho is determined to offer complete control of events relating to the client’s life cycle to your businesses. This subscription management solution and recurring billing are supreme for SaaS billing and membership tradings. The customers admire Zoho subscriptions for several reasons. Some of the reasons include:

  1. Convenient churn/dunning management.
  2. Dual language/currency management.
  3. Offers real-time results.
  4. Strong integration and APIs options.
  5. The Zoho ecosystem: technical support team, CRM, accounting, and others.


The above-mentioned solutions were the current market leaders. Well, you always have alternatives to look after. With the help of subscription analytics tools, businesses can easily dig the trending revenue generation sources with reliable plans and flexible pricing. The customized lifecycle mail facility enables your buyers to manage their subscription activities through a self-service dashboard. You can have exciting adventures with discounts, build and handle coupons conveniently, locate them and generate more revenue. 

The subscription analytics software allows you to automate several functions such as upgrades, self-service portals, invoice logic, and many others. If you have any further queries or wish to explore more, kindly connect with us at SaaSworthy

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