Data Governance Software enables businesses to properly organize, manage, and safeguard sensitive data. It has the ability to automate audits and data collection, enhance procedures, and demonstrate compliance.

To monitor access credentials and protect critical datasets, data governance software can interface with other data governance tools and business intelligence systems. Analytics tools for detection, remediation and reporting are common in these software packages.

What is Data Governance Software?

Data Governance Software
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Data governance, also known as data stewardship, is the process of ensuring that data is properly maintained in accordance with industry standards and legislation. Data governance software simplifies the process of implementing changes and enforcing standards across the board. It has privacy and security features, such as the ability to protect personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health data (PHI).

Top 8 Data Governance Software

Salesforce Data Studio

Salesforce Data Studio is a data management platform (DMP) that captures and stores data signals from different sources to enable firms to offer targeted marketing experiences. Advertisers may use machine learning to create audience groups and a device graph to analyze their footprint across channels.

Salesforce enables marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams to collaborate easily through a single platform. Lead capture, contact and deal management, workflow automation, and insights reporting are all available in Salesforce’s standard and premium solutions. Salesforce is best suited to larger businesses and corporations with sophisticated workflows.

Salesforce’s Einstein application is included in Audience Studio, and it helps administrators to acquire insights into customer journeys and discover new audiences depending on events or activities. 

Salesforce DMP is currently branded as Audience Studio and is available as a standalone product or as part of Marketing Cloud on a monthly or annual subscription basis. Phone, email, documentation, and other internet methods are used to provide assistance.

SAP Information Steward

SAP Information Steward helps in the comprehension, analysis, and quantification of data’s impact on business processes.

SAP also assists you to acquire ongoing visibility into the integrity of your business data model, combining data profiling, data lineage, and metadata management.

Acquire deeper knowledge of data quality throughout your whole data management environment. Using straightforward dashboards and scorecards, you may access and evaluate metrics.

Support analysts, data stewards, and IT specialists with standardized validation criteria and procedures to improve enterprise information management activities. With data profiling and metadata management, you can discover, assess, define, monitor, and improve the quality of your company data assets all in one place.

With SAP you can improve your enterprise information management initiatives and overall data integrity by facilitating cooperation among data analysts, data stewards, and IT specialists.

Using SAP Information Steward’s dashboards and scorecards, you may get a comprehensive picture of data quality reports. To better understand the business effects of bad data, narrow the profile results to a specific data collection.

Micro Focus Content Manager

Micro Focus Content Manager is an enterprise material management (ECM) solution with governance for government agencies, regulated sectors, and worldwide enterprises that wish to do more than just record content.

A simple ownership model that integrates consumption and support into a single subscription provided where you need it – as a cloud-based managed service or on-premise.

Pre-packaged government, life sciences, and financial services policies can help strengthen data governance. Retention management costs and complexity are reduced.

Data privacy management can be used to manage and dispose of your data in accordance with international, national, and local privacy requirements.

Reduce errors and tedious activities by automating and classifying folder construction, policy implementation, and sophisticated disposal processing. Data privacy management is mission crucial.

Secure the lifecycle of managed content while also making content removal easier. For automated lifecycle management of all material, structured and unstructured, automatic data retention tagging is available as an option.

TIBCO Foresight

TIBCO, a global leader in enterprise data, enables customers to connect, unite, and correctly forecast business consequences, addressing the world’s most challenging data-driven problems.

TIBCO Foresight was created with the goal of working with and validating data. For the features you need to verify your data is correct, use it with TIBCO’s industry-leading B2B functionality, TIBCO Streaming Analytics, or your existing infrastructure.

The data you get or transmit to your partners becomes more dependable and valuable with TIBCO Foresight.

Customers benefit from TIBCO Foresight products because they link partners, validate transactions, reduce administrative inefficiencies, and satisfy standards like HIPAA 5010. Furthermore, the TIBCO Foresight series of EDI management systems enable businesses to conduct electronic transactions using widely accepted formats (EDI, XML, and proprietary Flat Files) and standards (HIPAA, X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, VICS, and so on).

TIBCO Foresight Instream allows you to automate transaction flow across your organization while also validating transactions against industry standards, organizational principles, and unique business requirements.

With numerous components that work together, TIBCO Foresight Instream is meant to be very configurable.

Cloudera Navigator

Cloudera Navigator is a comprehensive Hadoop data governance system that includes features like data discovery, continuous optimization, audit, lineage, metadata management, and policy enforcement. 

Cloudera Navigator, as part of Cloudera Enterprise, provides performance agile analytics, supports ongoing data architecture improvement, and complies with regulatory compliance.

The Cloudera Navigator Data Management component is a fully integrated solution for data governance, auditing, and associated data management chores that collects governance artifacts—lineage, metadata, and audits—automatically. 

Compliance groups, data stewards, administrators, and others can use Cloudera Navigator to work successfully with data at scale. Working “successfully with data at scale” entails cataloging data entities in multi-hundred-gigabyte (or terabyte, and beyond) clusters to make discovering certain data entities easier—for example, to prove to regulators that deposit reserves have not been artificially manipulated.

Through an easy search-based interface, Cloudera Navigator allows users to easily examine and tag data. It’s also simple to manage, classify, and locate data to comply with business governance and compliance regulations because of the consolidation of metadata and support for rich custom tags and comments.

Axon Data Governance

Axon Data Governance is used by companies all over the world to achieve their information potential and drive top business imperatives. 

Over 5,000 businesses around the world rely on Axon Data Governance to fully use their data assets, which range from devices to mobile to social to big data and are stored on-premise, in the cloud, and across social networks.

Axon Data Governance by Informatica is a data governance solution that helps with data stewardship, data quality, and data monitoring. It provides a collaborative business environment for both business and IT in support of data governance, as well as the capacity to support and monitor compliance with defined regulations. 

It also includes data quality and compliance dashboards that track all of your regulated assets, as well as more in-depth analyses that are tailored to each asset. Data on business lineage is available, as well as workflow-driven change requests and policy design and creation. 

Axon Data Governance is the central component of Informatica’s Enterprise Data Governance Solution.


Based in New York, Collibra’s platform is designed to provide deep visibility into an organization’s enormous stockpile of digital information, and aims to “make data meaningful.” 

Collibra data governance guarantees that the information remains of good quality as it grows and changes, keeping everything structured and accessible. 

Collibra’s platform contains tools to centralize privacy policies and processes, as well as dashboards dedicated to monitoring regulatory compliance, as part of proper data governance.

Collibra makes it possible to use data intelligence to speed up innovation. Users can develop business glossaries and data dictionaries on the cloud-native platform, which are centralized stores of information that are organized and made actionable. 

Collibra helps both IT workers and executives to turn data into revenue-generating success strategies by constructing a machine-learning-powered data catalog. The automatic data profiling and scoring allow for better visualization and analysis.

Collibra brings IT and the business together in one place to collaborate on data. The Collibra platform enables enterprises to quickly turn data into insights and meaningful business outcomes through collaboration and built-in workflows.


Immuta is a data governance platform that can be used on-premises or in the cloud to assist businesses to manage, storing, and sharing data across corporate platforms. Administrators can use the catalog to look at different data sources, curate metadata, and get a list of all policies that have been implemented across the database.

Immuta may be used to set up role-based permissions and approval workflows, allowing employees to see sensitive data and access new projects. Developers and security stakeholders can use encryption, data masking, k-anonymization, and other privacy technologies to develop policies and secure confidential data. Analysts may securely share queries, scripts, and credentials with others, allowing teams to work together more effectively.

Immuta has an API that allows enterprises to link the platform with third-party programs including Microsoft SQL Server, Okta, Oracle, and others. Users can also keep audit logs, save data usage agreements, apply policies across data sources, and generate compliance reports with the software.


Compliance restrictions are becoming more common as data-driven marketing and remote work become more popular. To increase security and compliance while lowering the risk of breaches and fines, use Data Governance Software.

Data governance ensures that client data is accurate and secure. As a result, analytics teams can use machine learning algorithms to develop and automate specific operations, resulting in increased growth and more targeted selling.


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