MRO (Maintenance, repair, and operations) software for aviation enterprises and airlines oversees maintenance, repair, and operations. Aircraft MRO systems are used by airlines and aviation maintenance organisations to make purchases, maintain parts inventories, track all repair operations, and manage their MRO personnel.

For all maintenance and aircraft service tasks, aviation MRO software includes functions such as order administration, inventory control, shipping, and scheduling. These solutions also provide workforce management features, such as onboarding and training employees as well as tracking hours spent.

Aircraft MRO software frequently works in conjunction with accounting software, although it can also be purchased separately or as part of a broader aviation ERP suite.

A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for inclusion in the Aviation MRO category:

  • Maintain inventory control for aircraft components.
  • Keep track of the progress of all repairs.
  • Keep track of all previous repairs.

More About MRO Software

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In 2020, the global aviation MRO software market was valued at USD 6.52 billion. In the period 2021-2028, the market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 4.5 percent, from USD 6.73 billion in 2021 to USD 9.16 billion in 2028. COVID-19 has had an unprecedented and astounding worldwide impact, with aviation MRO software experiencing a negative demand shock across all areas as a result of the pandemic. According to our estimates, the worldwide clear aligners market will have a minor dip of -5.9% in 2020. The abrupt increase in CAGR is due to the demand and expansion of this market, which will return to pre-pandemic levels once the pandemic is gone.

The MRO sector has advanced tremendously in terms of technology and automation in aircraft management during the last few years.

Now that you have understood what a MRO Software does and what position it holds in the market. Here are a few options for you to choose from.

Top 7 MRO Software in 2022


It is an iPAd hazard awareness app that includes backup instruments, terrain highlighting and contours, and more to help you fly confidently in any weather or terrain. ForeFlight’s outstanding aeronautical maps are what make it the greatest aviation maintenance software. While the aeroplane is flying high, you may easily acquire a well-zoomed perspective of the countryside. Its software solutions for aviation maintenance are extremely flexible.

ForeFlight is a software company based in Texas that creates digital flight planning and navigation software for pilots, flight operations staff, government agencies, the military, and large airlines. When the company was the first to offer iPhone and iPad-based navigation apps for pilots in 2013, the team from Silver Lake Sumeru, the predecessor fund of Sumeru Equity Partners, met the company. ForeFlight’s innovation sparked a shift in the aviation industry away from paper charts and maps and toward all-digital solutions that can increase flight safety and efficiency. The better user interface, attractive designs, and market-leading capabilities of ForeFlight’s mobile and SaaS products pleased the Sumeru team.


SMS Pro is an SMS software solution that provides aviation safety management software designed for operators allowing them to manage compliance and safety to provide a secure workspace for reporting hazards, safety reports and corrective actions. This powerful, scalable aviation safety database software may be used by airports, airlines, and maintenance groups to:

Utilize obtained data effectively; identify areas of vulnerability; and create a safer working environment.

SMS ProTM has been a world leader in customisable, Web-based aviation SMS databases for the past five years. SMS an online aviation safety reporting system that enables your company to manage aviation safety, security, compliance, and quality in a single database using predefined or bespoke hazard reporting forms.

Safe Log

Safelog is an electronic pilot logbook system that helps you to synchronise your data across various devices and access it from anywhere. It includes features like automated night time computation, FAA money tracking, and more to help you manage your business. Safelog is a software title offered by Dauntless, a software firm. Safelog is maintenance software for aeroplanes that incorporates features like logbook tracking. Safelog is offered as SaaS, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad software with minimal system requirements. The annual fee starts at $45.99. 

Awery Aviation ERP

Awery Aviation ERP is a fully integrated web-based platform that is exceptionally adaptable and customizable, thanks to tight collaboration with aviation experts. It oversees key aircraft business processes such as sales, operations, finance, and human resources, with the goal of improving productivity, reliability, and efficiency. 

Awery ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application for aviation professionals that is hosted in the cloud. It aids users in managing sales, operations, finance, and human resources in the aviation industry. There are other hosted options available. Commercial and cargo airlines, individual operators, charter brokers, and aviation service providers of various sizes can choose from a variety of module packages.

Users may handle flight plans and schedules, crew members, cargo, fleet maintenance, cargo information and rates, human resources, accounting, financing, and compliance with Awery ERP’s modules. Crew members can access a crew portal to view their flight schedules and other information.

Quote processing tools, customer relationship management, live flight status updates, service-request management, and cargo reservation, tracking, and tracing are among the other features. There are also other software integrations, such as Flightstats and Sage 500.

Quantum MX

Quantum MX is a cloud-based aviation maintenance technology that assists A & P shops and pt 145 repair stations with parts tracking, inventory management, timesheet monitoring, and other business processes.

Users can utilize Quantum MX to create a variety of papers, including weight and balance, invoices, release forms, and 8130s. Users’ data is stored in an HTTPS-secured data centre that performs nightly backups and allows users to export and save data to local PCs. It also includes a searchable history of work done, parts installed, and logbook entries to assist users in keeping track of maintenance activities.

Quantum MX also includes capabilities such as purchase, repair, and sales order generating, as well as tool calibration tracking and timekeeping. It also has QuickBooks connectivity, which helps users to keep track of their finances.

Flight Docs 

For airplane and helicopter owners and operators all over the world, Flightdocs delivers web and app-based aircraft maintenance management systems. Users can take control of a single aircraft or a whole fleet of fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft, improving efficiency, safety, and the value of the aircraft. Flightdocs assists flight departments in managing and tracking their aircraft’s airworthiness, as well as complying with safety standards and regulatory guidelines, mitigating risks, and minimising asset downtime.

For fixed-wing aircraft, Flightdocs offers an Enterprise solution, and for rotary-wing aircraft, an HMX solution. Both technologies give aircraft operators with various, completely connected modules that enable quick visibility into the organisation as well as seamless workflows across maintenance, inventory, and operations. Dashboards with a lot of visuals provide users a good picture of maintenance and inventories.

Trax Maintenance

TRAX Maintenance is an MRO and ERP software package that handles all areas of aviation maintenance, including materials management, resource management, fleet management, and more.

Trax Maintenance capabilities include resource management, material management, technical publishing, fleet management, component management, and electronic data interchange. Receiving, order, and requisition modules make up the material management feature. The receiving module is a component of the system that receives materials from one side of the system.

Because it is aware of all serial numbers, the receiving module can validate all parameters linked with which component. As a result, it’s used in modules like production, settings, and engineering. 


The MRO’s increased efficiency translates in lower expenses, which may be passed on to customers in the form of cheaper prices without lowering the overall profit margin. A VRIO system can also provide an MRO with a second competitive edge. When the MRO successfully raises the switching costs to the point where moving to another MRO provider becomes prohibitively expensive for the client, the MRO can strengthen its bargaining leverage with the customer. By ensuring that the MRO’s VRIO system is tightly integrated into the customer’s system(s) and procedures, these switching costs can be raised. 

The above provided options are all great alternatives for MRO software. You can choose among them based upon your needs.

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