EDI Software is a new software designed to improve your business’s efficiency. It was designed to allow your company to control information, help you make more informed business decisions, and improve your business’s efficiency. It is essential to understand how this kind of software will benefit you. There are many benefits to making use of this type of software. This software can manage inventory and set up appointments to monitor sales and track clients.

It is also an excellent tool for conducting advertising and marketing. If you have information that must be handled, there’s no reason you shouldn’t think about using EDI Software.

This kind of software is so simple to operate, which makes it popular with companies that require it. Since it was designed specifically for business, it’s simple to master, and the interface is easy to use. Let’s get started.

What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software?

EDI software
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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software allows communication between two computers. The software is usually utilized to quickly transfer documents for business between businesses or business relationships, including customers or suppliers.

EDI software typically converts common types of files into a standard format and will provide templates for standard transfer formats. IT departments within production companies and healthcare institutions can use these networks to simplify and make it easier to manage daily communications and transfer of documents.

Businesses will use EDI tools to reduce the requirement for fax, email and postal mail in various circumstances. They are typically employed with a data integration platform that collects data from multiple sources on-premises or on the cloud.

Top 5 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software in 2023.

Cin7 Omni

Our list starts with Cin7 Omni. Cin7 is an automated inventory management system for companies growing their revenues by over $1 million. Cin7 integrates its inventory with orders and sales across all physical and online sales channels and automates placing orders to improve effectiveness. There are better choices than Cin7 for asset management or rental companies. Companies that distribute or sell products use Cin7 to reduce costs margins, cash flow and margins in check and keep stocks at the appropriate level.

Cin7 Omni can be described as a highly-customizable inventory management and order management tool that comes with EDI and integrations with every popular eCommerce platform marketplace, 3PLs, and marketplaces.

It’s the best in class in all B2B and D2C warehouses, sales channels shipping, fulfillment, and warehouse combinations. Cin7 Omni provides exceptional automation of workflows, reports, and analytics that enable retailers, brands, wholesalers, and retailers to work effectively when they expand and match demand with supply.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad.
  • Top Features – 3PL Management, API, AS2 Capability, Access Controls/Permissions, Accounting Integration, Activity Dashboard, Alerts/Notifications, Application Management, Archiving & Retention, Backorder Management, Barcode Printing, Barcode Recognition, Barcode/Ticket Scanning, Barcoding/RFID, Billing & Invoicing, Bills of Material, CRM, Cataloging/Categorization, Channel Management, Check-in/Check-out.
  • Free Version Available 
  • Prize $325.00 /month.
  • Best for – Commission Management, Contact Database, Content Management, Cost Tracking, Credit Card Processing, Customer Accounts, Customer Database, Customer History, Customer Management, Customizable Branding.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 5/5 Stars

GoAnywhere MFT

The second that comes on the list is GoAnywhere MFT. GoAnywhere MFT is a complete solution that can protect, automate and oversee your organization’s file transfer and other related processes through one central control point. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive workflow capabilities will eliminate the requirement for traditional scripts to transfer files or single-function tools and manual techniques. 

Customers, employees, and trading partners can efficiently collaborate and share files through intuitive screens and apps on any authorized computer and mobile phone. Every version of GoAnywhere includes ten free GoDrive users.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad.
  • Top Features – API, AS2 Capability, Access Controls/Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts/Notifications, Archiving & Retention, Audit Management, Audit Trail Authentication, Collaboration Tools, Compliance Management, Compliance Tracking, Data Transformation, Database Support, Document Management, Drag & Drop.
  • Free Trial & Version Available 
  • Prize $1995.00/ One-time.
  • Best for – EDI, Encryption File Integrity, Monitoring File Transfer, HIPAA Compliant, Intrusion Detection System, Log Management, Mobile Access Monitoring.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 4.8/5 Stars

TrueCommerce EDI Solutions

TrueCommerce EDI Solutions is third on the list. TrueCommerce provides a comprehensive method of connecting your business throughout the entire supply chain, including everything from EDI and inventory management fulfillment, online storefronts, marketplaces, your company system and more.

To remain competitive in today’s competitive global market, businesses must be able to operate across a wide range of areas simultaneously. However, often doing this means having many solutions and too much assembly. TrueCommerce has enabled companies to be more connected, supported and ready for the future for many years.

This is why thousands of businesses across various industries, from small businesses to the Fortune 100, choose TrueCommerce EDI Solutions.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform Windows, Mac, Chromebook.
  • Top Features – EDI, ERP, Exceptions Management, Inventory Management, Invoice Management, Label Printing, Labeling, Multi-Channel Management, Multi-Location, Multiple Format Support, Order Processing, Project Management, Purchase Order Management, Real-Time Data, Reporting & Statistics.
  • Free Trial Available 
  • Prize Price not provided by the vendor.
  • Best for – Reporting/Analytics, Search/Filter, Shipping Labels, Shipping Management, Status Tracking, Supplier Management, Supply Chain Management, Third Party Integrations, Vendor Management, Workflow Scheduler, eCommerce Management.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 4.7/5 Stars

SPS Commerce

Through SPS Commerce Fulfillment, you’ll have a team of experienced advisors to help you get more value from your EDI and ensure 100% compliance and continued satisfaction with your retailer, distributor, and grocer trading partners.

Our full-service solution is speedy efficient, reliable and scalable. We can meet your most demanding fulfillment requirements for any trading partner in any channel, including marketplaces, stores, e-commerce, and marketplaces.

The acquisition will help us expand our position of the complete service EDI and fulfillment System Automation capabilities in the Microsoft market, enhancing our customers’ experience and user-friendliness.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Platform Android, iPhone, iPad.
  • Top Features – AS2 Capability, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts/Notifications, Archiving & Retention, Compliance Management, Data Connectors, Data Transformation, Database Support, EDI, ERP, Exceptions Management, Forecasting Multiple Format Support, Order Management, Order Tracking, Purchase Order Management, Real Time Analytics, Reporting/Analytics, Returns Management, Sales Orders.
  • Prize Price not provided by the vendor.
  • Best for – Sales Trend Analysis, Shipping Management, Supplier Management, Third Party Integrations, Workflow Scheduler, eCommerce Management.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, 24/7 (Live Rep), Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 4.7/5 Stars


Boomi can be described as an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for building both cloud-based and on-premise integrations. Boomi comes with the 100% cloud-based Boomi AtomSphere integrated platform.The platform supports cloud-to-cloud, SaaS-to-SaaS, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises and B2B integration. Boomi AtomSphere supports real-time integration, which can be scaled to handle large-scale demands. It also provides master data management (MDM) and extensions to the platform.

Boomi offers an integration platform that can be used for building cloud-to-cloud integrations, on-premise-to-on-premise integrations, and hybrid integrations.

Utilizing the interface for visuals allows you to access many essential integration components that can be put together to create complete workflows for integration. A graphic designer that is patent-pending makes use of drag-and-drop, point-and-click tools to design integrations using no programming skills required.

  • Deployment – Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based.
  • Top Features – Big Data Analytics, CRM, Configuration Management, Connectivity Management, Dashboard, Data Cleansing, Data Connectors, Data Management, Data Mapping, Data Masking, Data Quality, Control Data Transformation, Database Support, Developer Portal, Drag & Drop, EDI, ERP, ETL, Email Management, Event Tracking, HR Management, Help Desk Management, Integrations Management, Mobile Access, Multiple Data Sources.
  • Free Trial Available 
  • Prize Price not provided by the vendor.
  • Best for – Payroll Management, Performance Management, Point of Sale (POS), Prototype Creation, QuickBooks Integration, Real Time Analytics, Real Time Data, Real Time Monitoring, Real Time Notifications, Real Time Reporting, Real-time Updates.
  • Support – Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat.
  • Overall Rating – 4.4/5 Stars


We have compiled a top 5 list of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) platforms. These tools let you transfer and exchange information among two systems or even more.

Most EDI platforms also permit you to move and translate documents in various formats between companies quickly. The recent outbreak of cholera has proven the necessity of moving to paper-free. Conducting business anywhere, anytime using an appropriate EDI tool is possible.

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