API Management Software helps in the process of operating different API procedures like API creation, edition, maintenance, and monitoring. For creating the reasonable utilization of API, there should be adequate documentation, an improved level of safety, thorough testing, formal versioning, impressive trustworthiness, etc. All of these API management prerequisites can only be fulfilled with the assistance of a device. This is where API management devices accomplish the resemblance and in turn, are coming to be distinguished too. 

API Management Software enables API designing, deployment, and supervision. The well-known captions that almost every API management tool contributes contain documentation, protection, sandbox background, backward compatibility, high availability, etc. API management programs also contribute to usage reporting.

Some API administration platforms contribute a creator portal where the creators can collect or share the APIs which will be helpful to create some applications. An example of such an API management platform with a creator portal is Apigee. API management services can act as Proxy, Agent, or Hybrid. API assistance that rules as a Proxy: These services guarantee the back end of employment from bringing it down because of varied numbers of inquiries. They deliver accumulating abilities too. 

Following are some of the examples of Proxy, Agent, and Hybrid software.

  • Apigee and Mashery are the API services that work as Agents. These are the plugins to combine with the server.
  • 3scale API service delivers a Hybrid solution. It is a monopoly of agent and proxy.
  • Akana as an API management software requires a hybrid cloud for installation.

What can API Management Software be used for?

API Management Software
Source: Mulesoft

API Management Software is a complete platform for managing online traffic. It can be used for one or more of the following purposes:

  1. General processes that API management equipment provide are:
  2. Security of API from getting misapplied.
  3. Memory management.
  4. Traffic monitoring.
  5. Automating and monitoring the association of APIs and the applications which are operating the   APIs and
  6. Assuring the uniformity in numerous API commissions and editions

Top 10 API Management Software

In this article, we have listed the 10 best API Management Software in 2022. We have discussed the features and pricing details of each of the software to help you choose the right software that is specific to your needs. 


Apigee can be best used as a monetization tool. This API Management is well-suited for cloud apps, consumer apps, employee apps, partner apps, systems of record, and IoT. It delivers the outlines of protection, analytics, systems, run-time monetization, mediation, monitoring, and creator portal. The key features of Apigee as an API management software include:

• Apigee can provide the outcome as a proxy, agent, or hybrid solution.

• With Apigee API management solutions, the creators can create and provide the applications.

• Developers will be prepared to utilize the data and devices which are needed for constructing new cloud-based apps.

• Analytics will deliver you data about API traffic and You will also be able to assess the KPIs.


It has three pricing strategies, i.e., Trial, Team, Business, and Industries. The evaluation strategy is unrestricted. For the Team plan, you require to spend $500 per month. The business plan is for $2500 per month. The rate for the Enterprise proposal is established on the product and assistance alternatives.


3scale is an API management strategy by Red Hat Software. It will be simpler to organize inner and outer stoners with 3scale. It will authorize you to supply, secure, distribute, regulate, and monetize your APIs. The key features of 3scale as an API management software include:

  • It has API project tools with the elements of record control, analytics, price limits, safety, dashboard, etc. 
  • There are many alternatives for exchange control like open-source gateways, hosted cloud service, plugins, CDN options, etc. 
  • 3scale can be best used for the developer portal.


There are two pricing strategies i.e., Pro and Enterprise. Pro plan is for $750 per month. The pricing features of the Enterprise policy are not delivered by the company. A free prosecution is attainable for the Pro plan.

IBM API Management

IBM delivers a cloud-based outcome for API innovation and management through API connect. It delivers built-in protection and administration functionalities. It is a strategy for simple coding, self-service developer portals, and real-time analytics. Key features of IBM API management include:

• It gives automated, model-driven tools for API creation.

• For APIs and data protection, it gives traffic management and built-in protection features.

• Self-service developer portal will authorize the developers.

• Analytics on API procedure can be used by API providers as well as customers.

• API testing and monitoring without coding.

• Multi-cloud help for the deployment of factors on Docker, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud private, etc.


IBM proposes six pricing plans for API connect. With the Lite plan, you will receive 50K API calls per month for free. Prices may differ based on the data center area.


Akana API management software is best suited to be used as a part of the life cycle administration tool. The key features of Akana API management software include:

  • Developer Portal.
  • Lifecycle administrator.
  • Traffic supervision.
  • It delivers application protection by observing and identifying malware in the code or during run-time.
  • It proposes open-source assistance.


A free trial is accessible for the stock. There are two pricing plans i.e. Akana Business ($4000 per month) and Akana Enterprise. Akana provides an end-to-end API administration platform. You can organize, secure, appliance, monitor, and publicize APIs utilizing this platform.


Kong delivers end-to-end explanations to countries for their mission-critical applications. It helps in ensuring, controlling, and expanding your APIs and Microservices. It is one of the best open-source API administration programs. Key features of Kong Enterprise are as follows: 

• It can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution.

• Kong functionality can be expanded utilizing plugins.

• It is horizontally scalable, so huge and unstable workloads are similarly benefited by Kong.


It is an open-source API administration employment and is available without restrictions.

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi delivers an explanation to attach applications and data across any cloud. It can function in any mixed environment. It has a huge library of connectors to assist you to attach applications in any monopoly. Dell Boomi is best used for integrating cloud applications.

Key features of Dell Boomi are as follows:

• It will permit you to combine the applications into various hybrids E.g. You can attach applications in the social cloud or personal cloud.

• It supports unique integration structures.

• With Dell Boomi, you will be able to construct integration quickly.


Dell Boomi proposes a free plan. The modest monthly plan begins at $549 a month. It also proposes custom-made explanations as per your demand through the ‘Serious Integration’ plan. A free trial is convenient for every plan.


Mashery provides a complete SaaS solution for the full life cycle of API management. It has API management, B2B APIs, and public API programs. Mashery is one of the best API management platforms that offer in-built tools for protocol conversion to RESTful and SOAP formats.

Key functionalities in which Mashery can be used are as follows:

• It will give the functions of API invention, testing, packaging, and administration.

• On-premise API gateway is usable for API protection.

• Developer portals

• API analytics


Mashery Trial is an unrestricted trial of the product for 30 days. Mashery Professional plan begins at $500 per month. There is one more plan which is Mashery Enterprise and the pricing features of this plan are not given by the organization.

Automate by CA Technologies

CA Technologies is the best API gateway that contributes a SaaS solution for API management. It delivers solutions for Agile Development, DevOps, PPM management, etc.

Key features of Automate by CA Technologies 

• It gives a low code expansion platform for API creation.

• Managing microservices.

• Creation of IoT-ready mobile apps.

• Developer portal.


A free trial is available for the product for 30 days. The requirements plan begins at $1700 per month. The Enterprise plan has tailored pricing.


MuleSoft delivers an outcome for assembling an application web. It will authorize you to layout, shape, and manage APIs on the Anypoint Platform. API executives will assist you in organizing stoners and assessing traffic. It will also assist you to secure APIs through strategies. MuleSoft can be best used for connecting applications. It is also best in management and installation APIs.

Key features of MuleSoft include:

• Developer Portal.

• API gateway.

• Anypoint management center will give you centralized perception and supervision for the applications and API that are deployed.


A free trial is ready for the product. There are three pricing proposals for the Anypoint platform, i.e. Gold, Platinum, and Titanium.

Microsoft Azure API Management

Using the Microsoft Azure API management program, you will be prepared to organize all your APIs in one place. It will deliver you the card, ticket, and IP filtering functionalities to ensure your APIs. You will receive insights through API analytics. It is the best platform for self-service API key administration.

Microsoft Azure API management can be used to:

• Publish APIs for inner and outer customers.

• Create API gateways.

• Publish and organize microservices architecture.

• Create creator gates.


There are five pricing plans, i.e., Consumption, Developer, Basic, Standard, and Premium. With a consumption plan, one million visits are free. The Developer plan begins at $48.04 per unit per month.

The Basic plan begins at $147.17 per unit per month. The basic plan starts at $686.72 per unit per month. The Premium plan ranges around $2796 per unit per month.


We have glimpsed the prime commercial as well as free open-source API administration devices in this article. Based on the features discussed above, we can conclude the following:

  • Apigee has reasonable monetization devices.
  • 3scale is reasonable for its creator portal. 
  • Akana gives a decent lifecycle association device. 
  • Kong is an open-source API administration program. 
  • Dell Boomi is adequately in combining cloud applications. 
  • Mashery is the best for transformation to RESTful and SOAP procedures. 
  • MuleSoft is reasonable for pertaining applications. 
  • CA Technologies is adequate for its API gateway.

These platforms also differ in the commercial plans that they offer. Free plans are available with Dell Boomi and Apigee whereas Azure has a Consumption proposal that delivers one million calls for unrestricted access. IBM on the other hand has a Lite plan which gives 50K calls unrestricted every month. Free Trial of the book stock is also accessible with MuleSoft, CA Technologies, Mashery, Akana, and 3scale.

In addition to the above-mentioned API management software, if you are looking for a more tailored solution, you may connect with us at SaaSworthy

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