What Do We Like?

  • Empowers people to share their expertise
  • User-centric
  • Insightful behavioral analysis
  • Gamification element

What To Improve?

  • Cheat sheet maker
  • Customizable emails
  • Filtering option

Thrive Overview

Source: Thrive Learning

Bid adieu to numerous venues for learning and skill development and sophisticated tech stacks. Introducing THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform, the learning platform of the future.

We offer all the features of an LMS, the social atmosphere of an LXP, plus a cutting-edge method to monitor and control new talents within your company.

We give you the tools you need to manage unique goals for your students. THRIVE creates the ideal atmosphere for them to grow by plugging in data to connect the right individuals to the relevant learning needed to achieve objectives and fostering peer-to-peer cooperation by recognizing subject matter experts.

Your students will have a breakthrough social learning experience thanks to THRIVE Learning and Skills Platform’s seamless integration with OpenSesame, getAbstract, Anders Pink, Slack, LinkedIn Learning, and many more platforms.

We provide you with the solid LMS functionality, the highly individualized, learner-led, social experience of an LXP, and now a seamless approach to monitor, recognize and comprehend new and emerging skills throughout your organization with complete transparency.

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Features of Thrive

You can onboard quicker, communicate better, and finally personalize upskilling at scale when all of your learning, content, and collaboration tools are available on one platform.

  • THRIVE assists contemporary businesses in getting rid of antiquated learning procedures and creating completely compulsive learning environments. It is a comprehensive Learning & Skills Platform that generates individualized suggestions that link your employees to one another and an inexhaustible supply of upskilling opportunities.
  • Creates a culture of user-generated content creation, peer-to-peer collaboration, and ongoing learning.
  • Give students the tools they need to develop an organic skills strategy from the ground up, giving you a truly comprehensive understanding of the skills present in — or lacking in — your company.
  • You can onboard quicker, communicate better, and finally personalize upskilling at scale when all of your learning, content, and collaboration tools are available on one platform.
  • You can onboard quicker, communicate better, and finally personalize upskilling at scale when all of your learning, content, and collaboration tools are available on one platform.
  • Spend less time by naturally developing an agile skills strategy that is driven by custom goals and real-time learner data. Allow your students to develop their own skills, and make sure you’re not relying on a top-down framework that leaves out important details about the skills in your company.
  • By using personalized goals comprised of really blended learning experiences that highlight your learners’ accomplishments, you can connect people to meaningful learning opportunities. Allow your students to add goals that relate to their personal experiences and establish team goals that encourage cooperation.
  • You can see emerging skills, skill gaps, and what’s expanding thanks to built-in skills analytics. In order to keep your learners excelling, you are aware of the skills that are in demand, what trends there are, and what learning content has to be generated or given priority.
  • When people are connected to relevant learning opportunities and intuitive content recommendations, smart skills development advances their individual or team goals.
  • Modern compliance training is here to replace boring box-ticking. Automate all of your necessary learning with the THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform, and use real-time reporting to prove your organization is compliant.
  • The days of hounding employees to finish compliance training are over. Your learning platform now handles all the labor-intensive tasks for you. Delivering necessary learning materials is made simple, and automating reminders lets your teams know what needs to get done and what might be past due.
  • Compliance need not be boring. The THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform has the tools necessary to make content micro, searchable, and interesting, whether the topic is GDPR, health and safety, or information security. Your staff will find it simple to go back to specific material whenever and wherever they need it by segmenting your lengthy courses into a learning pathway that uses various content kinds, such as quizzes, events, and videos.

Thrive Pricing 

For this product or service, THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform hasn’t given a price range. Both software vendors and service providers do this frequently. To find out the latest price, get in touch with THRIVE Learning & Skills Platform.

Thrive Integrations

Thrive includes numerous integrations. The integrations include Microsoft team, slack, LinkedIn, Workday, Opensesame, Single Sign-on (SSO), Questionmark, Unsplash Image Suggestions, Asana, Identity Management, Power BI, Salesforce, Google Drive, Microsoft Dynamic 365, HubSpot, Microsoft Sharepoint, Atlassian Jira, Airtable, WordPress, Atlassian Confluence, Zendesk, Monday, Netsuite, Success Factors, Tableau, Google Big Query, Google Analysis, Domo, Udemy, One Drive, Notion, Dropbox, JumpCloud, Blinkist, Auth0, and Go To Webinar.  

Thrive FAQs

What file kinds can I upload with THRIVE?

SCORM, PDFs, MP3, websites, MP4, YouTube, weblinks, questions, articles, tests, broadcasts, and a lot more are all acceptable.

THRIVE supports mobile devices?

Yes! It is a  Learning and Skills Platform that is fully responsive, and we also offer a mobile app that lets staff members utilise the platform to its fullest potential wherever they work.

Are there any other language versions of THRIVE?

Absolutely! THRIVE offers more than 20 languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and many more. It also automatically recognises language preferences.

Do you offer single sign-on (SSO) support?

Yes, THRIVE has single-sign-on as standard, allowing your students a seamless log-in process.

Can they integrate with the skills platform we already have?

Yes, we are developing new APIs for Skills and Skill Levels that will allow your systems to synchronise talent data.