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SaaS Weekly Roundup

SaaS Weekly Roundup #9

Hi folks! Welcome back to the ninth edition of our SaaS Weekly Roundups. Today’s round-up will cover some interesting SaaS business articles, industry tips and stories from popular SaaS personalities. These articles are carefully curated from around the web, to update you on the recent SaaS happenings.



Keys to mastering the 5 main SaaS ERP subscription models
Increasingly, enterprises are moving to SaaS ERP systems to operate more efficiently and save money. Realizing the SaaS promise of cheaper, more flexible and scalable ERP is only possible if you know how to keep usage-based, per-user and other common pricing schemes straight. Read more


Avanan Raises $25 Million to Revolutionize How Businesses Secure SaaS Email and Collaboration
Avanan, an enterprise security provider for SaaS-based email and collaboration platforms, announced recently that it has raised $25 million in Series B funding from existing investors StageOne Ventures, Magma Venture Partners and Greenfield Partners (a TPG Growth investment platform). Read more

Catchpoint Announces First Offerings Under its SaaS Monitoring Product Range
Catchpoint recently launched the introductory array of products in its new SaaS Monitoring product suite: deep-dive, maintenance-free monitoring solutions for certain SaaS applications. These first SaaS Synthetic products are meant for Salesforce and Office 365. Read more


SaaS Nation: India’s Trillion Dollar Opportunity
The current size of India’s IT Industry is $167 billion and it is growing at 8% year-on-year. At this rate of growth, it will take us another 25 years and up until 2042 to get to $1 trillion. That’s because not all revenues are created equal. Read more 



There are over 100 SaaS unicorns. How long did it take them to get to $100 million in ARR?
A few days ago, Christoph Janz wrote that there’s more than one path to $100 million. He argued that while it’s awesome to see that some companies are able to get from 0 to $100 million in ARR in 7-8 years or even less, trying to grow that fast may not be the best choice for most companies. Read more

Twilio’s New Flex Product
Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson shares his thoughts on Internet startups, SaaS and early-stage investing from his experience in developing new Flex product for Twilio. Read more 


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