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SaaS Weekly Roundup

SaaS Weekly Roundup #12

Hey, Readers! Welcome back to the twelfth edition of our SaaS Weekly Roundups. Today’s round-up will cover some interesting SaaS business articles, industry tips and stories from Founders of popular SaaS products. These articles are carefully curated from around the web, to update you on the recent SaaS happenings.


ThinkHRX uses power of SaaS to revolutionise recruitment
ThinkHRX proprietary platform uses games and images to capture a complete candidate profile which includes technical skills, emotional intelligence and personality traits as an additional layer to a candidate’s hard skills, experiences and achievements, all compiled through AI. Read more

Microsoft grabs SaaS startup Citus Data, expands Azure open source options
Microsoft announced today that it’s acquiring Citus Data, an opensource database startup company that has commercialized opensource database software PostgreSQL. Founded in 2010, Citus Data helps businesses to scale out PostgreSQL, taking relational power further for real-time applications. Read more

Artificial Intelligence with SaaS Platform Changing the Game Plan Scenario in the Hospitality Industry
The hospitality business is like a big giant, and Artificial Intelligence with SaaS is going to make a big change in this industry. There are many aspects which have to work in tandem to deliver the best product (an amazing flying experience for an Airline) or an out of the world service (such as offering customized-scented toiletries to guests at a hotel). Read more

Blissfully wants to make cloud app management as carefree as its name
The New York City-based startup provides tools for tracking SaaS usage, users, spending and compliance. Cloud-based tools may be easier for marketers to manage than on-premises versions, but there is still a fair amount of admin. That’s where startup Blissfully comes in. Read more


Real estate data startup CrediFi raises another $6M
The real estate data and analytics startup CrediFi just got $6 million richer, thanks to its funding from Liberty Technology Venture Capital. The latest round of investments comes on the heels of it's $13 million Series B funding round, and it will be used to expand the company’s recruiting efforts and efforts to get to market. Read more

Luca Micheli, Founder of Customerly.io
How we launched our SaaS without investors by raising 65K in less than a month
Luca Micheli, Founder of Customerly.io, shares his insights about how to launch a SaaS without investors, raising 65k in less than a month. They have grown from 0 to 2500 users basically without any external investment thanks to the “powered by” label on the live chat widget. Read more


Finly Founder, Veekshith Rai
Here’s how SaaS platform Finly helps businesses manage and streamline their spends better
Founded in 2015 by Veekshith Rai, SaaS-based platform Finly is a business spend and expense management system. Finly helps automate and streamline business spends, offering software for business expense management, digital fund disbursement, vendor payments, and GST-compliant invoicing and payments. Read more
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