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SaaS Weekly Roundup

SaaS Weekly Roundup #10

Hi folks! Welcome back after the holiday season!! Today is our tenth edition of the SaaS Weekly Roundups. This round-up will cover some interesting SaaS business articles, industry tips and interviews from Founders of popular SaaS products. These articles are carefully curated from around the web, to update you on the recent SaaS happenings.



It's time to rethink app migration strategies for cloud

In the early days of cloud computing, Gartner defined what it called the "Five Rs" of app migration. Many users found those five approaches interesting, but murky -- and today, some question whether they're still relevant. Let's look at these "Rs" from a modern cloud perspective, and why it might be time for developers to rethink their app migration processes. Read more


New Catchpoint SaaS Performance Tool Addresses Small Business Tech Challenges

Catchpoint recently announced new SaaS Monitoring products specifically geared to Office 365 and Salesforce. The new products are designed to smooth over the issues for small business SaaS application users during outages and slowdowns. Read more


New Technology-as-a-Service Company Embraces Change

A big change is in the air in terms of how technology will be obtained and sold through the channel. Telecom, telephone, software, cybersecurity, video surveillance, IoT, energy and more are sold through a single-sign-on portal platform where an agent can buy, provision and manage all of their purchases from a single web-based system. Read more


Xoxoday SaaS Commerce Platform Acquires FamousEnuf

Xoxoday, a SaaS commerce platform, acquired FamousEnuf, a tech-powered activation engine, for an undisclosed amount. Xoxoday is a SaaS commerce platform that enables teams to nurture engagement and team happiness. FamousEnuf is a tech-powered activation engine that enables enterprises to activate its micro-influencers to generate highly engaging organic content at scale. Read more



Platform Heroes — Jean-Pierre Pequito, Intercom App Store

Platform Heroes interviews people who are building next-generation platforms and ecosystems at leading SaaS companies. In this edition, we interview Jean-Pierre Pequito, Product Manager from the Intercom - App Store team. Our team first discovered Jean-Pierre through one of his great blog posts about how to grow a platform. Read more

Mikita Mikado of PandaDoc
This is from Founder Coffee. For this episode, we talk to Mikita Mikado, Founder of PandaDoc, who had built a company of about 160 employees focusing on learning, making an impact and having fun. Read more


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