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SaaS Weekly Roundup

SaaS Weekly Roundup #1

We are starting our new SaaS Weekly roundups from this week! These weekly roundups will include some of the interesting SaaS business articles, SaaS industry tips and success stories of popular SaaS products. These articles are carefully curated from around the web, to update yourself of the recent SaaS happenings.


SaaS Articles


Platform.sh launches White Label SaaS Factory for faster SaaS deployments

Platform.sh, the Idea-to-Cloud Application has announced a new white-label platform, which enables software companies and SaaS entrepreneurs to transform their existing/new SaaS businesses with unprecedented speed. Read more


How Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the SaaS market

The introduction of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has eased the enterprise hurdles associated with software maintenance and implementation. As the trends are evolving, analysts are predicting that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will make way to next big shift in the industry. Read more


Oracle launches new Suite of Blockchain SaaS Applications to support supply chain

The new suite known as Oracle Blockchain Applications Cloud helps SaaS Applications to integrate with Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud and other Oracle Cloud Applications. Read more


SaaS Stories


From $0 to $1 Million: The Unusual Choices That Led To Success

Ben Cahen, the founder of WisePops, shares his insights on how he developed his company to $1M ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) without any funding. Read more



Ten lessons Vivek Sharma learned growing past $40mm in ARR

Vivek Sharma, Co-Founder of Movable Ink, has led the company through rapid growth to become market leaders and crossed $40M in ARR recently. He shares his company’s 10 biggest lessons. Read more


SaaS Tips


How To Build A SaaS Product Step-By-Step? A Guide For Entrepreneurs Looking To Build A SaaS Application


4 Financial Concepts that SaaS CEOs Need to Understand



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