It’s time to replace the adage of “software is eating the world” with “SaaS is eating the world”. A look at the verticals where SaaS is reaching would indicate that this statement rings true. Who’d have thought that logistics could be managed by subscription software? Well, that’s what’s happening with companies like ClickPost, which dubs itself as Logistics Intelligence Platform. It helps eCommerce companies in managing their logistics in a better manner. We managed to interact with its Co-founder Naman Vijay about the company’s inception, its evolution, and more.

PS: the interview has been edited for the sake of brevity.

1) Hi Naman, before we begin talking about ClickPost, our readers would love to know your journey into the world of SaaS?

ClickPost is today one of the most promising SaaS start-ups in India. Last quarter, we won the prestigious Emerge 50 award by NASSCOM for being one of the most innovative emerging software companies in India. We are growing at 2 to 3X every year, and are already EBITDA positive.

2) What insights led you to launch ClickPost?

We were running a shipping aggregator start-up before ClickPost. That’s when we realized that while there were numerous courier companies out there, eCommerce companies faced multiple tech challenges while integrating with them – every courier company had a different API that needed to be integrated and managed, tracking data was scattered and online shoppers did not have real-time visibility of their orders, and monitoring performance and SLA of different courier partners was a nightmare. This led us to build a tech product that can manage end-to-end logistics for an eCommerce company, and we pivoted from being an aggregator to a complete logistics platform for eCommerce.

3) Could you share the evolution of ClickPost since its launch?

Our focus had been e-commerce logistics since the very beginning which ensured that we were building a super-specialized product for this niche market. We were able to get large clients such as Nykaa early on, and this helped us build scalable products. Currently, we are the market leader in India and most large eCommerce companies use ClickPost to reduce their logistics costs and improve customers’ shipping experience.

4) How many businesses are using ClickPost? Which are your biggest markets?

150+ e-commerce companies across India and middle east use ClickPost.

5) Could you shed a light on your marketing strategy to reach out to potential users?

Referrals have been the biggest source of customer acquisition for us. We know that eCommerce is a closely-knit community and people purchase software only after taking feedback from peers. Our existing users absolutely love the product, and the word-of-mouth publicity leads to a good amount of inbound leads for us. In fact, we got our initial set of clients in the middle east when a few of our Indian users changed jobs and shifted to eCommerce companies in Dubai.

6) How has the ongoing pandemic affected ClickPost – both in terms of business and no of users?

With most people staying at home, eCommerce volumes have grown significantly amidst COVID. Consequently, a large number of retail companies have started to invest more in improving their online selling capabilities. This has increased our customer base significantly.

7) What’s next from ClickPost? Any new features that users should be looking out for?

We’re building multiple products around eCommerce logistics. The top two features I would like to mention:

1. COD reconciliation platform which will help eCommerce companies completely automate cash reconciliation with different courier partners

2. RTO reduction tool which would help eCommerce companies reduce return-to-origin and increase the delivery percentage

8) What are your favourite SaaS products out there?

My favourite SaaS products are Slack, and HubSpot.

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