Voice recognition technology has witnessed a rampant improvement over the past few years. New chipsets with incredible processing speeds and highly optimised software have allowed real-time transcription of voice into text. Moreover, this platform isn’t only limited to desktops and laptops. It has well extended the frontiers to smartphones and in many cases more than the computers. It allows you to get hands-free and almost error-less typing experience. Preparing a meal in the kitchen? Or want to message someone while being engaged in other activity? voice to text apps can do all that for you.

In order to shed more light on this topic, let us proceed to know the best voice to text apps that you can employ for your needs.

Top 10 voice to text apps of the segment


App Multi-language support Punctuation recognising ability


Google voice to text Yes Yes Free
Speechnotes No Yes Free/Paid
SpeechTexter Yes Yes Free
Transcribe Yes Yes Paid
Nuance Dragon Professional Yes Yes Paid
iTranslate Translator Yes Yes Paid
OneNote Yes Yes Free
Google Assistant Yes Yes Free
ListNote No No Free
Just Press Record Yes Yes Paid


1. Google voice to text

You probably haven’t used a microphone at all if you haven’t used Google’s voice to text tool. It is a web-based application, which can be affixed on Google docs and can be added as an extension to your Chrome browser. Once done, it opens a box of multitude features. At first, it natively brings support for over 100 languages without any need to third-party integrations. Then users can enjoy all the onboard benefits of Google Docs. This includes the widely-used robust collaborative tools, where your team members can do the required edits and the changes will be reflected instantly. On top of that, you will also get complimentary features such as auto-correction, support for third-party extensions like Grammarly, etc.

2. Speechnotes

Available as a web-service for computer and in the form of Android app for smartphone users, Speechnotes is one of the industry-leading voice to text generators. It brings cutting-edge voice recognition technology at your disposal in order to deliver inch-accurate results. The best part is that it doesn’t require any registration and can be attached as an extension on your website, thus eliminating the need to switch platforms. Besides regular transcription, Speechnotes also enables easy use of punctuation using specific commands. Last but not least, one can also do the reverse thing using the tool, i.e; text-to-speech!

3. SpeechTexter

SpeechTexter is yet another popular web-based transcription tool, which is widely used by a motley of communities such as students, teachers, business professionals, journalists, etc. The company claims its accuracy to be around 90% average with all languages and over 95% with US English. It features a powerful real-time speech recognition ability and supports more than 60 languages. You will also get a dictionary of commands, which can be used to deploy precise punctuation in writing. The dictionary is also customisable, means you can add your own commands for specific actions. Apart from general speech-to-text support, SpeechTexter can also prove to be good language learning app.

4. Transcribe

Transcribe helps you to save a chunk of time that goes wasted by scribbling. It’s state-of-the-art voice recognition feature transcripts voice into text so that you can invest your precious hours on boosting productivity. The thing that separates Transcribe from other standard voice to text software is its workflow tools. No matter what is your speed of dictating something after hearing it from another source, you can insert the source audio into the application’s media player to slow it down and even put that on loop. There is also a built-in text expander that automatically defines acronyms for frequently used words and phrases. What else? Have a foot pedal? Integrate that in Transcribe and control the playback using your foot. All these make it a feature-packed, flexible and a versatile transcription tool.

5. Nuance Dragon Professional

Developed by Dragon Systems, Nuance Dragon Professional is a voice to text converting software available for Windows. It comes with a minimalist user interface that makes transcription to be done on a mere click. Apart from voice to text transcription, it also recognise commands that are pronounced to use punctuation, para-breaks, etc. and can also speak out written texts. The Professional package enables creation of custom commands, which are not included in the software’s NaturallySpeaking module. It is best recommended for the beginners and unlike most of the transaction tools, it also comes in the form of package installer, which enables offline usage.


The speech-to-text utilities have a spectrum of application in several fields. From education to business and from chatting to journalism, transcribing apps serves a great and solves a bunch of problems with time and efficiency. Noting down a politicians statement or making notes of a lecture, using a proper voice to text app will always keep a step ahead.


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