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Best Free Online Logo Maker Software

Your logo says a lot about your brand. A well-designed, beautiful logo leaves a good impression on your potential customers. On the other hand, if the logo looks bad, it could leave a bad impression, even if your products or services are top-notch.

A logo is a mixture of images, text or symbols that help us identify a specific brand. A well-designed logo helps you stand out from the competition and helps your business to connect with the customers quickly. For creating a logo, you can always use premium software like Adobe Illustrator or hire some professional designers. However, these options can be very expensive to businesses with a tight budget. Using a free online logo maker is a quick and easy fix, which doesn’t require any design skills when creating a professional looking logo.

Online logo makers provide you with templates and image-editor-style controls which will help you design a unique logo for your business. It is essential to test out different logo variations and create a one-of-a-kind logo that’s perfect for your business. 
Here, we have listed some of the best free logo makers available. Brainstorm some ideas about how your logo should look, choose the best online logo maker and start designing your logo.


Best Free Online Logo Makers

Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful is the ideal logo maker for mobile devices with machine learning capabilities to create logo designs based on selected industry and customizations. Hatchful supports a wide variety of inbuilt templates, layouts, icons, fonts, and colors which helps to design a unique logo in minutes. We can download a high-resolution logo for free and the logo can be optimized for social media, business cards, and merchandise. Designing on a mobile can be difficult for complex logos but convenient for creating a quick logo for small projects or events. 

Ucraft Logo Maker

Ucraft logo maker provides you with different texts and icons, shapes and colors to design a distinctive, professional-looking logo in minutes, just like a pro. It has around 1M nicely crafted SVG icons to choose from which can be played around with the design, sizes, and colors. Once you’ve created your one-of-a-kind logo, export it for free and use it wherever you want in digital and printed formats: be it for your company’s branding, your website or the next marketing campaign.


Canva Logo Maker

Canva’s free logo tool is ridiculously easy to use with a simple drag and drop interface. It can create a professional logo fast—without a designer. You can choose from an extensive range of images, icons, fonts, and illustrations for every industry. Also, Canva’s templates are easy to tweak and customize. When you’re finished, you can easily download or print your new logo on business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers and more.


DesignEvo Logo Maker

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker with 9000+ templates & professional logo designs that anyone can use to bring to life a compelling, unique logo in minutes. It has a keyword search option to find the logo that meets your needs and offers tons of fonts, icons and customization options to give your logo a unique look. DesignEvo logo maker is simple to use, cloud-based and doesn’t need any download or registration which can save time, energy and money.


Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo generator can create Hip, Stylish, Trendy, Current & Hipster logos effortlessly. When you need a cool and hippy logo, this is your go-to destination. The logos generated here are mostly suited for companies targeting younger and hipster style audience. The interface is incredibly simple, and you just need a couple of minutes to design a logo. While the free version allows downloading only a low-quality logo, you can export a high-resolution logo for a small fee.



Logaster is a fast and simple logo maker where you can create your logo online in a minute. It lets you create numerous variations of logos and branded product designs. We can share, discuss and compare the logos with others in case of collaboration. It also lets you download a small-size logo for free which is good enough for business cards and letterheads. If you need a high-quality design for billboards, banners or digital marketing, those are available at affordable prices.


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