With so many varieties of online modes of communication, there has also been the emergence of project management software with Slack integration. It simply means that the functions of the software are maintained by using Slack. 

An example will help you understand the purpose of Slack integrations better. If you have an online platform for education, you can employ the use of Slack to smoothen out the entire process. 

What Are The Different Project Management Software With Slack Integration?

Slack requires the software to make a channel of its own, wherein different hashtags are used to maintain different comment threads. It helps the participants connect with their superiors and vice versa more conveniently. 

Your issue will be solved in the comment thread itself, while you also have the option of sending a direct message to others who are also members of that channel. 

Thus, from this instance, we can understand how efficient your software project is as soon as Slack is integrated with it. You save so much time and effort, which increases productivity to a huge extent. 

Let us dive into more details regarding the importance of Slack in project management with the help of this article. 

Why should you integrate Slack? 

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Slack is not a tool of management by itself but only becomes so when it is integrated within a project of software. It then becomes so useful that an entire project can be pulled off with its help. 

If you are leading a project of software, there are bound to be a lot of things for you to take care of to get things done. These are just made easier by using Slack to get the job done. 


Managing a project is not an easy job because you may have many members on your team. It is important to reach out to each of them to ensure efficiency on their part. 

Only then will you get the guarantee of accomplishing a successful project, that too on time. But, communicating with each of them personally is not only hectic for one project head but also extremely time-consuming. 

This problem is immediately solved when you use Slack to manage your project. The members of the project need to be part of the comment thread. 

If you want to address your team, you can do so in the thread. You can even tag their names to convey something to someone specific. In this way, all the members of the team remain updated with the progress. 

Sharing tasks

The comment thread can also be used to share tasks and activities with your entire team. If there is any confusion regarding them, the team can resolve their issues and doubts there itself. 

Moreover, Slack task management apps can also keep tabs on the progress of a particular task. You will be able to keep track of how far you are on completing the assignment. 

Involving everyone

The pandemic has made it very difficult to keep in touch with people. It becomes especially difficult when you are faced with teamwork. 

Slack has proved time and again how efficient it is when it comes to managing teams because it is capable of connecting people from all over the world. 

You will be able to include and involve everyone on your team during group activities, celebrate a win together, and discuss to minimize the cost of a loss. 

How to integrate Project Management into Slack? 

Due to the reasons mentioned above, it is advisable to employ the use of Slack project management apps. It is super easy to integrate this into project management if you follow a few simple steps. 

Check if your Project Management Software has the necessary Slack integration tool

You can find the required tool by clicking on the Product link from the homepage of Slack. Choosing Integrations from the drop-down menu will take you to a search bar called Explore the Slack App Directory. 

You can search for the tool that the project for your software will require. If you find it, you can proceed with the next few steps. 

Find out what Slack is capable of

Slack tools are capable of fixing a date and time for the submission of an assignment. It can also be used to send a pre-typed message at a specific time. 

You must figure out whether these features are necessary for the management of your project. If yes, you must check whether the Slack integration you chose has these features or not. 

Sign up on Slack

It is a pretty good deal for a small party project team to work efficiently and utilize the best tools that are available for free on Slack integration. 

You can also proceed to the pro version of Slack which has no restrictions whatsoever. All you have to do is pay a reasonable fee of $6.67 per person. 

Look for the app that will suit your needs

Once you have made an account of your own on Slack, you can search for the right app by clicking the Project Management link. 

After finding it out, you can also get an overview of all the things that the app is capable of clicking on an arrow on the right side of the web page. 

Install the necessary app

The Add To Slack button will take you to another page which will require you to grant permission to Slack so that it can integrate the app. All you have to do is click the Allow button, and you will be good to go. 

Create channels for the convenience of your team

If you want the proceedings of your project to be organized, then you must divide the different topics of discussion into channels. This will help to categorize them and prevent confusion and complication. 

List of Project Management Software with Slack integration

To make the job easier for you, we have prepared a list that will help you choose the application that will benefit you the most in the case of Slack integration. 


Workast is responsible for the basic functions that other project management applications are capable of but is slightly different from them. 

While most project teams like to communicate via email, it becomes quite annoying considering the bulk of emails you have to keep exchanging. 

Workast lets you send project updates and other necessary information through the app itself, which makes it very convenient to use. 

Moreover, the app is free and can be used by anybody and everybody. You do not need to install multiple applications for the completion of your project because Workast has it all. 


It is extremely easy to manage all your project tasks on Wrike because not only can you add as many tasks as you want and work on them separately, the app keeps sending notifications to the entire team regarding the progress. 

Moreover, this app allows you to share a preview of the task at hand, which gives the team a better idea about how the work needs to be handled. 

Wrike can be used for free, but more features will be unlocked if you have a paid account. It enables you to convert your workplace chatter into constructive tasks. 


To improve efficiency, monday.com leaves no stone unturned. You can have informal chats with the help of this app, but there is a constant reminder to get back to the task you are left with. 

The create an item button can even be accessed amid a conversation to add tasks for your team. 

This is proof of how the application is only bothered with making sure that you remain productive and focus all your attention towards completing your assigned tasks. 

But, you do need to keep in mind that so many amazing features that are available on monday.com cannot be accessed for free. You have to pay for a subscription to utilize it without any hindrances. 


Another app that works the best when integrated with Slack is the Click Up which is available on some devices, including your mobile phones. 

It enables you to convert the messages you share on Slack into work tasks that will only facilitate the completion of your work projects. 


If used independently, this application is known to annoy with its horde of notifications. Despite them being quite relevant, you do not want to be continuously reminded of tasks or reviews. 

When this app is integrated within Slack, the platform is responsible for either muting or at least restricting the quantity of notifications Lattice will be allowed to send you. 

The handful of notifications that you will receive may include task reminders, project updates, performance reviews on how you can make your work better, and even positive feedback when your team member has praised your work. 

Thus, Lattice has only one motive, and that is to make sure that you and your team can complete the project at hand without any sort of distraction that can hamper the work. 


It has been proven time and again that individuals find it better to be highly driven and motivated to complete their work if they get to celebrate small victories which will inspire them to do better.

This can be made possible if small goals are set so that the team members can fulfill them to keep up their morale. The Ricotta app, integrated with Slack, has all the right features to assign small goals for your team members. 

Not only that, the app requires you to keep your teammates updated regarding the progress you have made so far, which promotes transparency and, in turn, makes sure that the project is completed with efficiency. 

Moreover, the app requires you to work on your project within the app itself. This is extremely convenient because it enables the app to keep track of your progress and generate notifications accordingly. 


The main Slack feature that you should look for in its applications is the ability to create tasks for your team. Teamline also enables you to set daily reminders so that the members finish their work well before the deadline. 

You no longer need to communicate with your teammates by organizing separate group meetings. Teamline allows you to chat with your team through numerous text chains. 

Separate text chains for different topics of your project help the team to keep the main topic of discussion in perspective and not stray away from it. You can also share direct messages with every individual of your team on Teamline. 

Teamline also provides you with the feature of checklists so that you can tick those boxes of tasks that you have completed and bask in the feeling of satisfaction that follows. 


Without the help of digital applications, it would have been a huge stress load on team leaders and managers to keep multiple teams organized and functional. 

They would have had to assign tasks, set up deadlines, and notify the same to team members. All of this would have had to be done manually. 

But, Axel makes it easier for the higher authorities because it takes over the responsibility of assigning work and making sure they meet the deadlines. 

The only job that is left will be supervision which is exactly what team leaders and managers are responsible for. Often, they also communicate and take part in the project with the rest of the teams. 


You no longer have to shift to a separate platform to hold virtual meetings. Apps like Jicoo, when integrated with Slack, have the feature where you can connect with your team online and get the necessary work done. 


A recent study provided us with the results that a team that used Slack to finish its projects took up less time to finish them, and the quality was not compromised at all. 

If you want to know more about project management applications that can be integrated with Slack, you must refer to this blog by Saasworthy