Visitor management software observes and monitors information related to visitors and employees of a company, public building, or educational institution. With the help of visitor management software, you can make the visitor sign-in procedure better, precise, and consistent by collecting information about the current location of a visitor in the facility. 

Which Are The Best Visitor Management Software?

Visitor Management System: How It Works | The Receptionist

Using a visitor management system, you can also keep the visitor information in your database. Some visitor management software also gives you the option to screen visitors with the help of watch lists. This goes a long way in improving security and protecting employees and facilities. 

You can install these software on any computer present on the desk of the receptionist. You can also use it on a self-service kiosk. Let us now have a look at the top visitor management software

Tereo VMS

Tereo is a visitor management software that uses face recognition technology and is contactless too. It can be used in offices too if the need arises. You can completely customize Tereo VMS as per your requirements and your office’s needs. 

You get several value-added features like face recognition-based registration of visitors, management module for meeting room, web check-in or pre-check option for all visitors, registration of visitors for more than one day, and a super simple admin portal too. 

Tereo VMS is a perfect choice for businesses of all scales. You can scale the use of the software as your company grows and also customize it depending on your office level. You can digitize quickly, make the visitor management process automated and make it easy. 

The minimum price that needs to be paid for acquiring the service of Tereo is 10 USD, and you might be charged more depending on your usage. You can also avail a free trial to test the capabilities of the software. 

Some features of Tereo have been given down below:

  • Constant notifications and alerts.
  • Management of badges
  • Management of documents
  • A holistic watch list
  • Facility for pre-registration

Envoy Visitors

Envoy Visitors goes a long way in ensuring that your guests receive a warm welcome and protect ideas, people, and property. Envoy has made it much simpler to sign in without having to touch anything. You can print badges, alert hosts about everything, and provide them WiFi access. 

Using Envoy Protect, you can be assured that whoever walks through your door is a healthy individual. Visitors also go through a health screen before they return to their homes. You can also fix capacity limits and organize contact tracking if necessary. 


SwipedOn is an easy-to-use sign-in system. It is very flexible and can easily manage desks, visitors, staff, and deliveries. The software provides employee and visitor screening queries, quick alerts, and notifications. By pressing a single button, you can easily trace contacts. 

It also provides the facilities needed for remote working and ID badges for visitors. You also get a specialized employee companion app and much more like this. SwipedOn has world-class customer care, which boasts of an average response time of fewer than two minutes. This cannot be matched by other software. 

SwipedOn is a good choice for any company that wishes to improve security, compliance, and safety for all employees in the workspace. They can make manual processes more efficient and add a modern touch to front desks. 


Qwaiting is a queue management software that allows users to schedule each appointment at a single platform. Users will constantly receive personalized alerts and notifications if they have been waiting in a queue for receiving their requested services. 

The system will create a ticket that will display the entire details of the service desired by the user. The software will also show you the number of customers that are waiting and also the exact length of the line. You also receive the entire digital signage feature set. 

Qwaiting is an ideal choice for educational institutes, banks, hospitals, clinics, companies of the public sector, food and beverage businesses, and immigration centers. The basic price of the software starts from USD 199 per user per month. 

Currently, a free version is not available. However, you can opt for a free trial if you would like to try it out first. Qwaiting allows you to enroll an unlimited number of users and staff for a specific location on its platform. 

Traction Guest

Traction Guest is a visitor management software that provides assurance of security and safety for contractors, employees, and the necessary visitors. Their work location does not matter. They are protected with the help of the Workforce Security Platform. 

Traction Guest offers an advanced level of enterprise visitor management software or VMS. The software offers safety and health controls, functionality for auditing and analytics, alerting, and critical outreach. 

The software screens on multiple layers and gives approvals so that all the security processes can occur unhindered and can be used at unlimited locations. It is suitable for all kinds of roles and workplaces. 

Traction Guest is a powerful solution for supporting all requirements associated with duty care. It is a good choice if you wish to keep people safe and secure in an environment that is changing at a fast rate. You can centrally administer customizations for more than one location. 

You can take care of both employees and non-employees in a dual or hybrid environment. All the compliance requirements that exist can be codified and standardized easily. Traction Guest easily resolves complicated security and safety issues.

There are many testimonials to the visitor management software’s success too. Five of the top global brands that are functioning in five continents employ Traction Guest’s services. They are fond of the customizable platform provided by the software and use it to diminish risk and provide unmatched security. 

The robust security exists because of a touchless, intuitive, and heavily branded experience that takes good care of compliance, manages employees well, and ensures that all duty of care requirements are met properly. 


DigiGreet is a visitor management software that is quite easy to use. It is fully featured and has a range of competitive prices. It is the perfect choice for companies and manufacturers who regularly deal with contractors. 

DigiGreet can seamlessly connect with Paxton Net2 for easy management of staff and contractors. You also receive Visitor Door Access permits for working, RAMS which comes with automated reminders, documentation for contractors. 

A contractor document portal is also available that you can use for self-management and achieve one hundred percent compliance. You can pose security questions, provide inductions. You can ensure that only the authorized people are in the building with the help of their smart signing-in system. 

DigiGreet is an ideal choice for companies having regular negotiations and deals with contractors. You get hassle-free management of door access using Paxton Net2 that helps you lessen staff management and get complete safety and health compliance. 

The introductory price for DigiGreet is 5 Pounds per month. They have not provided a free version as of now. They do not have a free trial either. You will have to pay for using their services. 

We have given down some features of DigiGreet below:

  • Regular notifications and alerts
  • Badge management
  • ID verification and scanning
  • Management of all registrations
  • Tracking of visitors
  • Facility for pre-registration
  • Self check-out and check-in


You can use the above-listed visitor management software for tracking and managing all the visitors entering and exiting your company’s office. With the information provided above, you must be better equipped to choose the appropriate software for your requirements. 

If you do not have the required manpower or resources to manage the multiple needs of your business, you can take the help of several existing business management software. Here is a list of the best business management software


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