Site search software guide for small businesses is essential if you want to conduct a business and even succeed in it in a world that is trying to recover from the ruins brought on by the coronavirus. The pandemic almost shut down the scene of physical businesses. If not shut down, the businesses have suffered massive losses due to the temporary standstill that the world was in. 

Thus, most of them had no other option but to transfer their businesses online. This turned the virtual platform into a highly competitive workspace where each business strived to be the best. Getting to choose from so many available options has made people very fickle-minded, which is why it is up to the website of the company to make sure there are no flaws on their part so that a customer chooses them and continues to do so. 

Any minor inconvenience faced by a customer will annoy them into choosing a different website to fulfill their requirements. To avoid this, the company has to pull out every stop. One of the features that need to be handled well is the site search tool used by the website. It should be developed enough to make sure the customer finds what they are looking for and quickly does so. 

List Of Site Search Software For Small Businesses

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Enterprise search examples include Google and Baidu. Google enterprise search is the most in-demand that people use to search stuff on the internet. It has a huge network and can get the data in a jiffy. 

While enterprise search software has been in the market for a long time now and has made quite the impression on the users of the internet. Whereas, site search tools are emerging now. 

There are many software search engines available in the market, which may be quite confusing. This is why we have put together this article to help you choose the best site search software for small businesses

What are some site search software for small business that you can choose? 


We believe in starting with the best, which is what brings us to the context of FACT-Finder, which is one of the best search tools that you can incorporate into your business. 

This tool has the best features that a search tool can have. It recognizes the keywords in your search and returns with exactly what you need. 

It is the small things that matter, which can build up to something much bigger if put together. This principle of FACT-Finder has made it tolerant of errors which means that it is capable of getting the right results even when customers make spelling mistakes. 

Moreover, it is also capable of personalizing itself for your convenience. Once you search for something with FACT-Finder and find what you need, the tool programs itself in such a way that your preferences are never forgotten. 

In this way, the next time you search for a product, instead of giving results of random products, it will show you the ones that will compliment your taste. It will also recommend you to buy products that suit your choices. 

The most advanced feature of FACT-Finder is the use of AI technology in the tool. This makes it extremely efficient and user-friendly. Websites that have used the tool have said time and again how benefitted they have been. 


This search tool was started from the year of 2012, and since then, it has made quite a name for itself. While the brain of Algolia is situated in San Francisco, it also has offices in Paris, London, New York, and Atlanta. 

Brands and websites have said only good things about this search tool and how their sales have taken a crazy hike after integrating it with their website. 

However ambiguous your queries are, the API technology of Algolia boasts its capability in deciphering every query and providing you with accurate results, making sure you are never met with disappointment. 

The members of a software need to be supplied with the best features that will ensure more productivity and facilitate the growth of the software. 

This is exactly what Algolia does. It creates a very comfortable space for all the members of the team and provides them with the right and relevant content, which only adds up to the development of the software. 

Matt Riley and Quin Hoxie are the great minds behind the foundation of Swiftype. This site search has been in function since 2012 and proved its worth.

You can trust this site search tool without batting an eyelid because it is protected with the best security measures. This means that information about your company, including its data and research, remains protected at all costs. 

Swiftype may not be as well encompassing as the rest of the search tools, but it harbors a huge array of knowledge, from the entertainment industry to the politics of the world. Thus, you can always find whatever you need by using this search tool. 

The tool is extremely flexible and is considerate of the fact that a wide variety of people will be using it for their requirements. This is why the site search does not require the user to use complicated codes to search. 

All these features make Swiftype a very popular choice for many websites, considering how the tool can be customized to suit the needs of every individual that wants to utilize it. 


This search tool is an extension of the software provider called Elastic. The information that is accumulated by the site search is strewn across all the platforms of Elastic. 

They can be accessed whenever you want to without any wastage of time. This serves as a tool for content for all the users of Elastic because the process is very convenient for them. 

Satisfaction among the existing customers also guarantees the inclusion of more. Thus, it creates a symbiotic relationship between the website and its users because both are benefited. 

The internet is a forever evolving sphere, and it is extremely important to keep up with the pace, or you will lose whatever knowledge you have gathered all these years. 

Elasticsearch is well aware of all these specifications, which is why it has all the necessary features to keep all the knowledge updated. 


Lately, most site search tools are getting incorporated with AI technology. The advantage with this being you no longer need to customize your preferences manually. 

So much of your time and effort is saved if the tool personalizes your search results based on your previous searches. This is what Cludo is capable of. 

If, in any case, you are not happy with the preferences that the software has saved on your behalf, you can even make changes to suit your needs. 

Thus, Cludo has all the essential features that are required to make a site tool successful with its users, as well as the website it is a part of. Thus, making it a win-win situation for both parties. 

Amazon CloudSearch

This search tool is a part of Amazon Web Services and should be used by every website that wants to expand its horizons and reach more people that are out there. 

This is because the tool is capable of functioning in 34 different languages, which removes the language barrier and makes it very much in demand all over the world. 

Moreover, the features are such that your typed-in query will give you back a specific set of data which means that you do not spend your time going through stuff that was not a part of your search. 

But, if you want your search to bear results with random recommendations in bulk, then you change the necessary settings manually and enjoy whatever you need. 


The process of buying and selling products online with the use of money is known as e-commerce. The software that falls under this category benefit a lot from site search tools. 

Being one of the best site search tools, SearchSpring keeps the convenience of the customers in mind while developing its features. 

This brings us to the feature of the review page before being directed to the main page of a product. It means that when a product is searched, SearchSpring takes you to a page that will let you see all the results in a preview form. 

Visual presentation of the search results is extremely important because it gives a better idea to the customer, helping them in visualizing the product and making an easy choice. 

Thus, a preview page helps them compare the different products and then click on the particular one that attracts their attention. This will take them to the main page, where they will be able to get a detailed description of the product. 

Moreover, the search results are equipped with more categories like price, popularity, color, etc. You can use them to filter out the search results and view the exact ones that you are interested in. 

SearchSpring keeps track of user activity which is great for the website because studying their searches and purchases will let you know what to advertise and recommend more on the website. 

Like most other site search tools, Azure Search is equipped with AI technology which makes its features quite advanced. The content of the search results is more constructive, more specific, and it adheres to your preferences. 

A lot of search engine tools fail to keep up their good performance when there is a lot of traffic on the website. Not being able to function properly, they either freeze, or the entire website crashes. 

But, it is not the same with Azure Search. It is programmed to handle high traffic and still give perfect results without compromising on its performance. 

It is not only user-friendly but is also a great asset to whichever website integrates the tool with their software. 


Every website knows the importance of traffic inclusion in their website. This is why it is very important to keep the needs of your customers in mind. 

If the users observe that their preferences are being met, there will be more chances of them continuing to use your website and even recommending the same to others. 

Keeping this in mind, AddSearch boasts of a user interface that is person-specific. This means that the tool is alerted every time a customer visits it, and it changes its layout accordingly to suit their needs. 

Suppose a website wants to enhance the sale of a particular type of product more than the other. AddSearch gives them the option of rating their importance so that they end up more in results and recommendations. 

You also get to trace user activity with the help of AddSearch. This feature can help you improve your website because you will be aware of the results that are more popular than the rest and the ones that are never prioritized. 


Here is another site search tool that is used widely all over the world because it can be functional in more than 25 languages, like Dutch, German, Italian, and English. 

Thus, people of any nationality can utilize the features of a website that has Inbenta as its search engine tool without having to worry about a language barrier. 

While most search engines work towards giving specific results, Inbenta gives you results that are some way or the other related to your query. This is done by finding results based on the synonyms and other such related information of the query. 

This may seem very helpful as you get to have a wide variety of options to choose from. But, the process of sifting through so much content may get tedious and time-consuming after a while.


Site search tools are getting popular by the day, and it is only because of the numerous advantages that they have to offer. You can use these to improve your website and serve your customers better. 

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