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Question about: Affinity Designer

Which graphic design software provides high zooming capability?

Answered by Arun Sengupta | 1 years ago

Xara Designer Pro has zooming capability up to 25,000% and Affinity Designer provides zooming capability up to 1,000,000%.

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Xara Designer Pro
Xara Designer Pro is a graphic design tool that provides multiple web design tools such as WYSIWYG, illustration and photo editing tool in a single package. This software has an easy interface with simple drag and drop options and also has zooming capability upto 25,000%. In addition, it has direct action tool which allows you to create designs in minimum time. It allows unlimited undo and redo using which you can experiment huge number of designs without hassle. This software provides live effects and photo manipulation feature that allows you to manipulate solid live objects and create an realistic design. It has a magic erase tool which is used to erase unwanted objects in a photos.
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