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How are alerts prioritized?

Answered by Anjana Nagpal | 11 months ago

All alerts have equal and default prirotiy. However, you can configure the prirority to alert only the most critical and urgent problems and suppress the non-critical or less important ones. This can be done through the settings panel.

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SEO Radar alerts, warns and protects you from losing your traffic with its advanced tools and features. Its alert window displays the exact changes in a detailed manner of the page that can cause an impact on your SEO. The domain overview gives a holistic view of the latest crawls and also an archive of all page screenshots, editings done, notifications etc to facilitate analyzing key metric shifts. It notifies you of every little change to your page, be it title change, a 301 morphing into a 302 or a meta-robots noindex appearing on your page. SEORadar keeps you updated and ensures that you don’t lose out on your hard-earned SEO rankings.
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