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Which is the best PM platform of all?

Answered by Tanya Naran | 1 years ago

I've tried Basecamp and Zoho Projects and I found them really helpful project management guidebooks. There's a bit of a learning curve with both of these softwares but the increase in productivity is high if you're working on complex projects or if you have bigger teams.

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Microsoft PPM
Microsoft PPM is a flexible solution for project and project portfolio management, executed through Office 365. This software is useful for individuals, project managers, teams and enterprises. It helps in planning resources, managing schedules, assign and prioritize tasks, collaborating with all the team members effectively, calculating what-if scenarios. It associates a budget with a project work and allocates it as per the task or resource. There is a desktop application available named as Simple Office 365, subscribing to which, the user can get access to their projects from anywhere.
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