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Question about: EMC NetWorker

What are all the backup software that is compatible with all OS?

Answered by Dilmini Ranga | 1 years ago

Avamar, NetWorker and NetApp are compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems.


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Dell EMC Avamar
Avamar is a backup software developed by Dell to protect data that can be deployed in an individual system or in a company. It allows data storage and recovery through multiple channels and offers daily backups. This software uses RAID and RAIN technology, where RAID technology ensures that system performance will not be affected by minor errors.Along with this, the RAIN technology in this software makes data partition simpler. The Avamar backup software allows you to maintain daily backups and ensures secure data transmission. It is a cloud-based software that supports Windows, Linux and Mac and provides a single step recovery feature by which recovering of files become very easy
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