Which UX software is the most user-friendly software for beginners?

Asked by Mekhal Gandhi | 1 years ago
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Rujul Banerjee
1 years ago

Axure RP and Clear are the most user-friendly UX software available. You do not need any special technical tool and knowledge to get it mastered.

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UX Software
Clear Software
Clear Software can help you to integrate your system, automate your process and make your business software more user-friendly.The software comes with several useful features like enterprise resource planning, business process management, UX, integration and workflow management features. Clear Software can enhance the productivity by streamlining the tasks into a single web page.You can also automate your data entry with this tool.It facilitates fixing processes through intuitive configuration.It is also very helpful if you need to integrate complex enterprise application without any custom code.
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Wireframe Software
Axure RP
It is an effective prototyping solution to wireframe important software projects.This software has easy to share option using which diagrams can be published to Axure Share in a single click.With this software, you can create wireframes, mockups and idea boards with simple drag and drop method.In addition, custom libraries which holds bundle of elements can be used to create effective diagrams.Moreover, it allows you to annotate diagrams and prototypes in order to keep track of the tasks.With this software, you can able to create powerful prototype without using code and it has some more special features such as conditional flows, adaptive views and math functions.
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