Which software to choose if i need to collaborate with my team for testing?

Asked by Rhea Agarwal | 1 years ago
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Sam Subramanium
1 years ago

Screenster, LambdaTest, BlazeMeter are some of the effective software which comes with collaboration support.

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Automated Testing Software
It is a web-based visual regression testing tool with advanced features. It has extended test feature using which you can clone and reuse a test by giving new input parameters. It supports import-export options and allows you to export your projects as .zip files and a backup is also created and stored in the cloud storage space. In addition, it allows you to record visual baseline by capturing screenshots of every test steps. It delivers seamless integration with JIRA and CI. Along with this, it has collaboration support that allows multiple users to access a same test project. It supports parallel test execution and also has test scheduler feature to predefine tests at regular intervals.
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Automated Testing Software
It is an efficient testing solution that allows you to perform all your tests on cloud using which you can discover bugs at early stage. It allows you to choose your testing environment with desired browsers and operating systems. Using this software, you can perform visual regression testing on your layouts which helps you to identify errors quickly. In addition , you can rapidly test your application layout by using auto-generating screenshot feature. It supports collaboration and has in-built issue tracking tool, this enables you to find and share issues instantly with your team during test sessions.
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Automated Testing Software
It is one of the best testing platform to test your API, website and applications. It is an open-source software which is compatible with Apache Jmeter and other third party plugins. It offers comprehensive analytics that will help you to identify bugs quickly. In addition, it supports collaboration using which you can share your interactive test results between multiple users. It provides an easy user interface that will help you create API functional test without coding. Along with this, it offers automatic script converters using which you can easily convert HAR and pcap files into JMeter scripts.
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