Which Project Management tool would be ideal for a small group?

Asked by Deep Chandra | 1 years ago
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Mahima Ganesh
1 years ago

For a smaller team, I'd recommend something lightweight like Trello or

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Project Management Software
Organizes your projects and day-to-day tasks through creating notecards on dashboard. The software can also be used as a trip planner, a side project, a community bulletin, an event or an idea repository. Tasks and ideas can be noted on the Trello cards. Alongside, the work progress can also be tracked. The user can sort and organize these cards based upon their categories. A quick overview is displayed on the front of the cards, flipping which, the user can dive into more detailed information such as checklists, due dates, comments, attachments etc. There is a progress meter that adds a checklist to organize your to-do list. You can also attach documents and multimedia files to the cards.
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Project Management Software
A productivity suite based on cloud storage that is ideal for small teams, freelancers, contractors and consultants to track and organize teamwork across multiple in-house as well as outsource projects. It effectively helps in client relationship management, tracking task and time using intuitive and visual tools such as task bookmarking, custom labels and file drag and drop.Apart from task management, it also assists in setting billing rates on projects and staffs. All the documents can be integrated to Google Sheets for further analysis. Furthermore, it grants you access controls, real-time updates and email integration to achieve better quality, more efficiency and transparency.
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