What are the Push Notification software that integrates with WordPress?

Asked by Akhila Bhatt | 1 years ago
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Crowny Patel
1 years ago

SendX, Bouncezap and OneSignal integrate well with WordPress.

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Push Notification Software
OneSignal is an entirely free application that allows user to send unlimited push notifications to unlimited subscribers. It supports all platforms such as HTML and also integrates well with WordPress. It provides real-time tracking feature to track notifications instantly after sending it. The software has A/B testing feature, which enables user to try different messages to smaller set of visitor to figure out effective message. It also has automatic notification feature that automatically sends notifications to the customers. This feature notifies the customer every time when new post is published. The software is capable of delivering a huge number of notifications in a very quick time.
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Push Notification Software
Bouncezap is a user-friendly marketing tool for converting website visitors into paying customers. The software also has a WordPress plugin. It has various message display options such as email opt-ins, surveys and customized HTMLs. The software is equipped with bundle of default templates to exhibit the products. It allows user to create unlimited campaigns and has some more additional features such as A/B testing and Visitor segmentation. The software uses Dynamic Text Replacement, using which, it recognizes the frequent visitors and delivers them a customized messages.
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Email Marketing Software
SendX helps to create attractive looking, personalised emails to connect with users. The emails can be scheduled and tracked to get a more viable feedback. It also has Push Notification feature which allows you to send notifications to customers even when they are not visiting the page. With Push notification, one can easily notify the customers about the new offers, new products and lucrative deals. SendX provides a special feature of Email Drip Sequence with which emails can be sent after regular time intervals. This helps to remain in continuous contact with the customers. SendX also enables the marketer to trigger emails on the basis of what the customer is doing on the website.
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