Is there any text mining software that supports geospatial analysis?

Asked by Chiman Pillai | 1 years ago
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Deepa Sethi
1 years ago

Yes. WordStat and NetOwl have geospatial analysis.

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Text Mining Software
It is a web-based data mining tool to organize and mine huge volume of unstructured data. It has advanced semantic search, that allows you to instantly search and extract out the content needed from huge set of data.It integrates with geospatial analysis tools such as ESRI in order identify and gather information related to any particular location. Along with this, it also supports integration with third-party applications such as Elasticsearch, Highcharts and NetOwl extractor.It also provides bio-graphic analysis tool using which you can construct a comprehensive biography of a person, place and organization by gathering information from multiple sources.
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Text Mining Software
It is a text and content analytics tool that helps you to make timely business decisions. It can process up to 20 million words per minute to identify the user-defined concepts instantly. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with text mining and visualization tools in order to extract themes, to identify patterns and more. It has easy import-export feature, using which it imports databases and documents as well as, it exports text analysis results in HTML, XML and PDF file formats.In addition, it has qualitative coding tool which provides in-depth analysis for your search. It can be mainly used for fraud detection, content extraction and document classification.
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