Is there any Load Balancing Software that comes with automatic configuration?

Asked by Juvina Nara | 1 years ago
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Ram Venkatesan
1 years ago

Yes, there are many. For eg: ManageEngine OpManager,, Load Balancer ADC, etc

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Load Balancing Software
Barracuda Load Balancer ADC
Load Balancer ADC is a power-boosting application delivery controller that can be configured automatically.This robust tool can ensure high application performance and availability. With this software, you can enjoy useful features like authentication, data compression, health monitoring, content routing, content caching and more. It comes featured with predefined protocols. The tool comes paired with prebuilt templates for sharepoint, lync and exchange. You can use it tension-free as it is reliable and offers high-level security. It is capable of tackling massive amount of application transactions on a daily basis.
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Load Balancing Software is very easy to administer,install and setup that comes with automatic configuration. It can deliver high performance and an effective load balancing solution to any business size. Based on Linux, it can handle heavy traffic monitoring and ensures uptime of critical business website applications. It provides content catching, content routing, data compression, health monitoring functionalities, etc. With this tool, you can balance multiple protocols with the same applications. Users can easily introduce new servers in the current setup without any downtime.
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Load Balancing Software
ManageEngine OpManager
ManageEngine OpManager provides a comprehensive network monitoring solution.This helps in scanning network performance better and helps you exercise more control over the network infrastructure.With this tool, you can identify network issues in real time with threshold-based alerts and can timely troubleshoot errors.This facilitates downtime prevention.You can do both physical as well as virtual server monitoring with it.The software comes featured with inbuilt add-ons and plug-ins to boost your network performance.This network management software further includes firewall log analysis and archiving, bandwidth analysis, configuration and change management, switch port, etc.
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