Is there any dashboard software that is compatible with mobile devices?

Asked by Deepa Gandhi | 1 years ago
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Chetana Madan
1 years ago

Yes, Dynamics 365 and Zoho Reports are compatible with mobile device.

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CRM Software
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
Dynamics CRM is a powerful software with a number of tools that help in making the customer-facing functions of business easier. Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a wide range of CRM via five individual apps - Customer Service, Sales, Field Service, Marketing, Project Service Automation that work in integration. It aims at centralizing customer informations, automating marketing informations, tracking sales opportunities, analyzing data and enabling a responsive customer service. All of these functions ensure that you are never out on any growth opportunity by maximizing your business relationships.
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Business Intelligence Software
Zoho Reports
An extensible and scalable Business Intelligence software that transforms your business with its helpful insights and beautiful dashboards. Zoho Reports lets you connect to any data source and allows you to upload data from spreadsheets or any other flat files. It also allows you to merge data from different sources and create a meaningful report. It’s spreadsheet-like interface for data analysis and reporting make it easy for users to adapt. With its fine-grained access control, you can now control what your clients and other users can do with the reports you have shared with them.
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