Is there any call center software available to support customer on social networking site?

Asked by Subinay Sai | 1 years ago
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Sara Bhat
1 years ago

Yes. Zoho Desk and Xcally allows you to provide customer support in their favourite social networking site.

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Call Center Software
It is a multi-channel call center solution which is well equipped with bundle of features. Using its API open channel feature, you can develop your channels across social networks and can support your customers on their favourite social network sites. It also has real-time monitoring feature to track your agent’s performance and allows you to make dynamic changes in case of emergency needs. In addition, it allows you to build your own customized dashboards that helps to monitor and improve the performance of your caller support solution. It has internal messenger feature using which your agents can collaborate to solve customer issues.
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Help Desk Software
Zoho Desk
It is a context aware health desk software which will help you to provide efficient customer support. It offers fully functional ticketing system and call center solution to address the issues of the customers. It has social support integration that allows you to answer your customer queries in their favourite social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. In addition, it has a separate knowledge base which contain answers for frequently asked questions. Along with this, it has reporting tool and analytics feature using which your managers can identify the issues related to your agent’s performance.
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