Are there any free content management software available online?

Asked by Aashna Pal | 1 years ago
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Alok Pawar
1 years ago

There are a number of software that provides content management solutions e.g. WordPress, Joomla, etc. free of cost with all the basic features required. However, if you want more add-ons feature, there are paid modules available too.


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Content Management Software
An easy-to-use content management software that lets you start a new site with just one click. You can easily customize your site text with the Joomla text editor and use default images or add images through the media manager to make your site or blog look more attractive. The ‘language manager’ feature lets you manage your website in more than 50 languages, which can help your site grow globally across countries. Joomla also has tutorials, documentation and a community forum to help you clear all your queries related to content management and also provides a platform for discussions on various topics related to content management.
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Website Builder Software
The software that powers 29% of the total internet and is the most widely used content management software. An open source software that provides all the possible features for creation and management of content. WordPress allows you to create a blog, or a website, or even a combination of both. It also enables you to build an audience using its social media syndication, sharing buttons and SEO tools. WordPress offers four varieties of plans - Free, Personal, Premium and Business. All the plans have a wide range of features and you can choose the plan that best suits your purpose. An active 24/7 support system solves all your queries through email or live chat with professional experts.
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