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Updated on: January 25, 2022

Task Management Software

A project consists typically of various small tasks. A task is an activity that must be completed within a specified period for achieving the set goals. A practical task management process helps in managing your team’s workload and their respective responsibilities. A task management software helps to automate and monitoring a task through all its lifecycle to ensure proper execution.

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Most Popular Task Management Software

The Most Popular Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest presence across social media, web search and user reviews.

I Done This

I Done This helps in tracking the progress of various tasks of a projects and helps the team to stay in sync. Since it is available as a SaaS version, users can access it and use it round the clock from any location. This comes with a simple user interface so people can master using this tool quite easily and within a short timeframe. Free trial option is also available. I Done This comes equipped with quality collaboration tools and can support cooperative writing. You can easily do recurring task management, task scheduling, task tracking, time tracking, progress tracking and percent-complete tracking with the help of this tool.


Todoist is an efficient task organizer that enables its users to keep track of their projects, tasks, and goals from a single easy to use interface. The software syncs across all the devices of the user and easily integrates with the popular platforms used by users. Users can easily keep track of... read more

Todoist also won


TaskQue is a cloud-based productivity enhancement software that helps you optimize your resource utilization in a way that maximizes productivity with its innovative task assignment process. TaskQue provides you a unique platform to discuss ideas and collaborate on different assignments with TaskQue’s easy-to-use communication tools. Track your task’s progress and get useful insights to drive your projects to successful completion.


Ayoa is a cloud-based software tool for brainstorming activities like task management, mind mapping, and instant messaging. The Collaborative Whiteboard allows users to mind map ideas, visually manage the tasks, and get a complete picture of their work on a single platform. They can also present... read more

Ayoa also won


TickTick is a platform that enables its users to capture ideas, organize life, and do something creative each day. The software helps its users to manage all their works irrespective if it is work-related or a personal goal. Users can get reminded at any time and anywhere by setting a reminder to... read more

TickTick also won


Any.do is a work management solution that helps businesses organize tasks, to-do lists, and reminders with ease. It comes with a to-do list manager module that allows users to order their to-do's in a simple yet functional list. The specimens in the list can be colored in order to sort them by... read more

Any.do also won

Week Plan

Week Plan is an Online tool used to Plan your tasks to achieve goals. The key elements are to prioritize and scheduling tasks and enhance your work progress. Collaborate with your team, create a workspace and discuss the details of a task with your team. Segment tasks by role and include a journal... read more

Week Plan also won

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is the smart to-do app for busy people. It helps never forget the milk (or anything else) again. Add the tasks, create or share the lists, and assign tasks to others with this web-based to-do app for busy people. Get reminded by email, text, IM, Twitter, and mobile apps (Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10), can easily add tasks to Remember The Milk with a quick email, a short tweet, or even by asking Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri to remind.


MeisterTask is a task management software that allows teams to collaborate and work on projects. It comes with a simple and intuitive user interface that has Kanban-style boards. This allows users to manage tasks easily and have continuous watch over the project's progress. These boards are fully... read more

MeisterTask also won


HeySpace is a free task management solution that also aims to improve collaboration and communication in your business with its chat functionality. With HeySpace, you can track the progress of tasks, set due dates, assign them to people, and mark them as complete, as well as do all of this in bulk. HeySpace’s dashboard allows you to quickly move tasks from one step to the next with its drag-and-drop cards, which works like an agile project management tool or Kanban board. Other features include the ability to add images to tasks, to mention someone in a comment, to convert a message into a card, and to get notifications about mentions and... read more