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Updated on: July 31, 2021

Affiliate Marketing Software

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance marketing. In this the virtual retailer of products or services employ the marketing efforts of another person or an external website, on a commission basis, to promote, market the good and generating traffic and conversions. The affiliate earns a commission by promoting other people’s or company’s produced goods. An affiliate marketing software helps in offering affiliate marketing automated solutions like it can track and report on commission-triggering actions (sales or clicks) from all valuable affiliate links. The software allows its users to monitor its growth easily and receive statistical analysis reports in real-time.

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Most Searched Affiliate Marketing Software

The Most Searched Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest search presence across brand keywords and the category-defining keywords.


ReferralCandy affiliate marketing software helps online stores or e-commerce sites to run their referral program, in an efficient way. This is an e-commerce store plugin and is very easy to use and setup. The software extends its support to an array of platforms. It comes packed with powerful... read more

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Omnistar Affiliate Software

Omnistar affiliate marketing software comes with social share widgets to helps users give a boost to their business promotion. The software provides room for smart business rewards like coupons, commissions, gift cards, discounts etc. Auto signup feature is available too for helping customers to become affiliates and do brand advocacy. Personalizable “Thank You” pages (contest and referral programs are run here) can facilitate recruiting more affiliates/brand advocates. Omnistar enjoys the support of many popular platforms. It features email templates, click targeting capabilities in real time and robust analytics to reach quality... read more


Voluum affiliate marketing and advertising campaign optimization tool offers a centralized management facility. You can track, monitor and optimize all your affiliate campaigns using this advanced cloud-hosted tracking tool and receive extensive analytics from all possible sources. Traffic... read more

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Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro affiliate marketing software comes with multiple unique banner types. This software also comes with the option of payouts and reports. Users are enabled to monitor and manage their own affiliates, commissions etc. It supports multiple kinds of affiliate links and one of its... read more

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LeadDyno affiliate marketing software helps remarkably in social media sharing as well. The setup procedure is very easy and one can enjoy instant access to their affiliate network. A 30-day free trial is available. The affiliates will get their individual affiliate dashboard, containing every... read more

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