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94% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More Remove
93% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More Remove
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94% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More Remove
93% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More Remove
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Wialon is a multifunctional fleet monitoring system and is available in both web-based and SaaS forms.This is compatible with android and iOS also. It can systematically track vehicles, mileage, accidents, maintenance needs, tools etc. The software comes loaded with an array of fleet management features like dispatch & driver management, routing, work order management, tire management etc. There is no need for any extra external programming as the software is flexible and customizable enough to cater individual fleet management needs. Wialon supports tachograph and fuel consumption control.The software is compatible with personal and software GPS trackers, automobile controllers etc. ..show more

MyGeotab is an advanced fleet management software that helps businesses to monitor their entire fleet from a single place. The software enables users to create, run and deliver the correct type of information with the help of advanced reports in real-time. It also encourages drivers to show safe driving behaviour with the help of coaching tools and in-vehicle driver feedback. MyGeotab collects and responds to the common status information in the vehicle. For example, it offers data reports about various things, such as RPM, seatbelt, engine hours, odometer, engine light, vehicle identification number, etc. The software comes with a GPS vehicle tracking feature that provides a near real-time and complete trip history of the vehicle. Along with this, it also reduces fuel consumption by creating the best routes and zones for drivers. MyGeotab keeps users aware of the potential critical engine health issues besides prioritising the necessary repairs. Moreover, the software’s SDK lets businesses integrate vehicle location information into their companies’ operations or with third-party add-on applications. ..show more


Accident Tracking Helps to consolidate all accident data for easy retrieval and reference to do driver performance review

Dispatch Management Facilitates the process of assigning drivers and or vehicles to customers

Driver Management Helps in knowing driver's location in real-time, instant messaging the drivers, automates IFTI reporting, monitor driver's performance, etc.

Fuel Management Facilitates monitoring fuel consumption and reducing cost without compromising the service provided

Inspection Management Helps to streamline all-important inspection program/tasks and automate it to make the process paperless

Inventory Management Helps in recording inventory to optimize and fulfill the requirement.

Maintenance Scheduling Helps in framing a maintenance plan, gathering and coordinating all the resources to do a job within a specified timeframe

Maintenance Tracking Helps to simplify maintenance programs, record maintenance tasks and make detailed maintenance data easily accessible

Mileage Tracking Facilitates tracking mileage automatically and stop recording when a location is reached & it can produce IRS compliant reports

Parts Management Helps in enhancing the fleet part management process, minimize part cost and facilitates taking a better informed operational decision

Routing Helps to create optimal routes/paths to reach a location timely, safely and conveniently

Tool Tracking It helps tracking tool repairs, streamlines tool inventory and tool control and ensures right tool is allocated at the right place

Vehicle Information Facilitates availing and viewing all necessary vehicle data and status information from a single dashboard

Vehicle Tracking Helps to connect the software with the vehicle location for availing useful information about the car or vehicle on road in different locations

Work Order Management Helps in managing and organizing work order in a paperless form to streamline workflow


Access Monitoring

24/7 (Live rep)

Business Hours


Contact Number/Address

Belarus, Europe / +370 37 999 460

Oakville, Canada




Mobile - Android

Mobile - iOS

Mobile - Windows

Mobile - BlackBerry

Installed - Windows

Installed - Mac




Large Enterprises

Medium Business

Small Business


Pricing Model

Free Trial


One-time license



Quotation Based


​​​​​​​Wialon Hosting

The cloud-based solution allows you to eliminate costs, associated with server hardware and software acquisition, installation and administration.


  • Real-time tracking
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Routes optimization
  • Driver control
  • Sensors and counters control
  • Tracking inside geofences
  • Driving style assessment
  • Video surveillance
Wialon Local

The server solution can function on standard capacity servers and is suitable for those who possess from 100 to several thousands of units.


  • Units online-monitoring
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Driver behavior analysis
  • Routing service
  • Powerful analytics
  • Notifications
  • User-friendly management
  • Work with tachograph data
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Region: Worldwide


  • Web-based software reporting platform (SaaS) capable of supporting unlimited vehicles and users
  • Support of multiple map types
  • Rich reporting functionality-editable, customizable, trends, etc.
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Flexible user access control
  • MyGeotab access via Android and iOS
  • SDK and APIs that are open, free, and easy to use
  • Access partner Add-Ons and solutions through Geotab Marketplace
  • Basic IOX Add-On (IOX-GOTALK, IOX-AUX, IOX-BUZZ, IOX-NFCREADER, etc.) integration with in-vehicle peripherals and devices
  • Instant GPS tracking using patented curve based algorithms for optimal recording
  • Highly flexible Rules and exception engine-customizable and editable
  • Driver congregation reporting
  • Locating closest vehicle by address
  • Driver ID via NFC
  • Vehicle maintenance reminders scheduled by time or distance
  • Basic driver coaching-Audible alerts and notifications for speeding, idling, and driver identification
  • Device tampering detection
  • DVIR compliance via Geotab Drive (Android/iOS)
  • Driver Application (Geotab Drive) scalable for future needs
  • IFTA miles recording
  • Privacy Mode

Region: USA and Canada


  • Includes everything in Base plan, plus
  • Message and send routes to drivers with compatible Garmin PNDs
  • HOS compliance via Geotab Drive (Android/iOS) and Garmin

Region: Worldwide


  • Includes everything in Regulatory plan, plus
  • Vehicle maintenance reminders scheduled by mileage or engine hours
  • Fuel Management Platform — Track fuel-ups, fuel drain, fuel theft, fuel card integration, etc.
  • Engine status data for all major engine protocols (fuel usage/voltage/coolant/temp.)
  • Easy device installation with Self-Calibrating Accelerometer
  • Record and interpret fault data (J1939, 1708, OBD, CAN)
  • Advanced driver coaching — Audible alerts and notifications for harsh braking, sharp cornering, over-acceleration, seat belt use, vehicle in reverse, over-revving, etc. plus basic driver coaching and customizable server-side rules and exceptions

Region: Worldwide


  • Includes everything in Pro plan, plus
  • Advanced IOX Add-On integration with in-vehicle peripherals and devices (IOX-BT, IOX-USB, IOX-CAN, and Add-Ons for substance spreader controllers IOX-DJ DICKEY-john, IOX-CRS Cirus Controls SpreadSmart Rx, IOX-COMSPREAD Rexroth Compu-Spread, IOX-FAM FORCE AMERICA 5100ex, etc.)
  • Active Tracking — premium quality tracking solution that delivers location information with higher frequency and precision
  • EV driving energy used
  • EV battery charge % (SOC)
  • EV charging status
  • EV charging energy
  • Limited lifetime device warranty
  • Geotab Roadside Add-In for complimentary towing, locksmith, battery boost, fuel delivery, flat tire change, & more.
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