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Updated on: November 15, 2019

Bulkresponse vs Mailmeteor

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Bulkresponse is a bulk email marketing software. Users can import their leads and get access to high deliverability to Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, and other major ISPs. Bounces, opens, clicks and unsubscribes can be tracked using the tool and there is no limit to the number of contacts a user can have. An unlimited number of auto-responders, triggered by certain events such as an email being opened or a link is clicked, and form submissions can be set up. Users are provided with their own IP addresses which are used only for their emails. The servers have high uptime and cloud-based environment eliminates the need for high-grade hardware resources. Other features include blacklist monitoring and removal along with ISP Feedback Loop Submissions. The certified IP whitelisting service for high volume senders is also available on request. SPF verified mailing, domain key verified mailing, and sender ID-verified mailing, an important anti-spam protocol is also included. ..read more

Mailmeteor is an email merger tool that allows users to run mail merge campaigns in a way that makes targets every recipient with a personalized email. It is a verified G Suite mail merge add-on that enables users to email a lot of people by sending thousands of personalized emails at once. Users can track the emails they send in real-time, get notified about email opens, and know when they have been answered. They can also increase the answer rate by hyper personalizing every email that is sent. Emails are sent via Gmail and the campaigns are managed through Gsheets. Users can even add contacts by creating a spreadsheet with the recipient list along with new email templates apart from simply selecting an existing one. Emails and then be reviewed and sent for testing the campaign before it is launched. It comes with a free plan that has features like 100 mails per day, Emails tracking, and Preview emails. ..read more


A/B Testing

Abandoned Cart Email


Click Map

Click-through Tracking

Contact List Import

Contact Management

Delivery by Time Zone

Document Library

Drag and Drop Editor

Drip Campaigns

Email Scheduling

Event Triggered Email

Facebook Ads

Free Stock Photos

Google Remarketing Ads

Instagram Ads

List Segmentation

Mailing List Management

Mobile App

Multivariate Testing

Predesigned Email Templates

RSS to Email

Real-time Email Editor

Send Time Optimization

Sign Up Forms

Spam Check

Template Management


Access Monitoring

24/7 (Live rep)

Business Hours


Contact Number/Address

Torrance, CA - 90503 / +1-424-271-0730

Paris, France - 75013





Mobile - Android

Mobile - iOS

Mobile - Windows

Mobile - BlackBerry

Installed - Windows

Installed - Mac




Large Enterprises

Medium Business

Small Business


Pricing Model

Free Trial


One-time license



Quotation Based


Small Business
$35 /Month

50000 Credits : $35 per Month

100000 Credits : $65 per Month

200000 Credits : $99 per Month

300000 Credits : $125 per Month

300000-500000 Credits : $150 per Month

All the Plans includes these Features

  • Dependable Customer Support
  • Fast and Reliable SMTP servers
  • Email Marketing Software (Contacts, Bounces, Autoresponders, Email Triggers, Opens and Clicks, Export Leads, Custom Fields)
  • Email Delivery (Blacklist Monitoring and Removal, ISP Feedback Loop Submissions, IP White Listing Service, SPF verified Mailing, Sender ID Verified Mailing, Domain Key Verified Mailing)
High Volume Sender
$199 /Month

500000- 1 Million Credits : $199 per month

1 Million-2 Million Credits : $299 per Month

2 Million- 5 Million Credits : $699 per Month

5 Million to 10 Million Credits : $999 per Month


  • Includes features of All Plan
SMTP Relay
$45 /Month

100000 Credits : $45 per Month

500000 Credits : $99 per Month

1 Million Credits : $150 per Month

2 Million Credits : $250 per Month

5 Million Credits : $450 per Month


  • Includes features of All Plan
Email List Cleaning
$49 /Month

100000 Credits : $49 per Month

500000 Credits : $99 per Month

1 Million Credits : $199 per Month

2 Million Credits : $299 per Month

5 Million Credits : $599 per Month


  • Includes features of All Plan
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Get up and running for free


  • Up to 100 mails per day
  • Emails tracking
  • Preview emails
Mailmeteor PRO
$2 /Month

Unlock full sending capacity


  • Up to 1500 mails per day
  • Realtime emails tracking
  • Preview emails
  • Custom support expertise
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