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Updated on: November 28, 2020

AppDynamics vs Dynatrace

93% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More
94% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More
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93% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More
94% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More
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Founded in 2008, this is an American Application Performance Management platform that operates from San Francisco. The primary focus of this company is the management of performance and availability of applications across cloud environments as well as inside the data center. AppDynamics was rewarded as the “fastest-growing APM software company” in the world in 2019. This software detects anomalies by providing real-time monitoring of applications and helps in the smooth operation of a business. AppDynamics lets users get total visibility of real user experience across both mobile and web applications. This means getting information on a browser, server and network performance in real-time. This helps in comparing different application versions, browsers, carriers, geographies, and device types.AppDynamics also detects performance spikes and business impact by helping users learn about “normal” code execution paths and “normal” performance behavior for all application services and transactions. This helps to detect errors automatically at any time of the week, day or year. With AppDynamics bottlenecks can be detected in applications by tracking the flow of transactions across various tiers and services in a highly distributed environment. ..read more

Dynatrace lets users monitor, optimize, and scale their apps in any type of cloud. It provides software intelligence to accelerate digital transformation and simplify cloud complexity. Dynatrace is designed to monitor the performance of applications assigned to it and make them work better by improving their performance and availability. It lets users innovate faster, collaborate efficiently, and deliver more value with less effort. It provides APM with advanced observability across cloud and hybrid environments from microservices to mainframe. Dynatrace APM includes AIOps and infrastructure monitoring that delivers answers in no time across the full stack. Using Dynatrance, users can eliminate redundant manual work as it comes with dependency mapping, automatic full-stack instrumentation, and AI-assisted answers detailing the precise root-cause of anomalies. The tool is reliable and fast and uses many digital applications to stay relevant with technology. A business can use the software from any industry - retail, transportation, financial markets, emergency services, government bodies. ..read more


API Monitoring

Alerts (Notifications)

Application Performance Metrics


Event Logs

Event-based Notification

FTP Monitoring

Mail Server Monitoring

Maintenance Scheduling

Mobile User Monitoring

Page Speed Monitoring

Password Protected Pages

Real-user Monitoring

SLA Monitoring

SSL Monitoring

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Uptime Reporting

Web Defacement Monitoring


Access Monitoring

24/7 (Live rep)

Business Hours


Contact Number/Address

San Francisco, California

Waltham, Massachusetts / +1 888 833 3652





Mobile - Android

Mobile - iOS

Mobile - Windows

Mobile - BlackBerry

Installed - Windows

Installed - Mac




Large Enterprises

Medium Business

Small Business


Pricing Model

Free Trial


One-time license



Quotation Based




  • Map and visualize complex multi-cloud topologies
  • Dynamically baseline key performance metrics
  • Create health rules and alerting policies
  • Diagnose root cause at the code level
  • Automate transaction and backend detection and configuration
APM Advanced


  • Includes everything in APM Pro plan, plus
  • Gain visibility into server performance by collecting CPU, memory, network, and disk metrics
  • Gain visibility into network performance by monitoring throughput, latency and TCP loss
  • Set health rules and alerts on infrastructure metrics
  • Gain visibility into Docker, Kubernetes and Kubernetes Clusters
  • Isolate performance anomalies within a cluster of containers
APM Peak


  • Includes everything in APM Advanced plan, plus
  • Enable transaction analytics and collection of business metrics
  • Segment customers and users by value to the business
  • Track important business processes from end-to-end
  • Configure and monitor compliance targets with experience level management
  • Visualize analytics data with funnel charts, time series charts and more
Real User Monitoring Pro


  • Monitor webpages and browser-based applications
  • Capture browser session details and server and resource load times
  • Monitor performance of single-page applications (SPA)
  • Monitor mobile performance for iOS, Android, or Xamarin applications
  • Capture mobile session details and crash reports; monitor network requests
Real User Monitoring Peak


  • Includes everything in Real User Monitoring Pro plan, plus
  • Use the AppDynamics Query Language (ADQL) for quickly analyzing data; save commonly used searches
  • Utilize advanced visualization and dashboard components such as the funnel widget
  • Create custom dashboard widgets
  • Catalog and visualize javascript errors
  • Correlate application performance to business performance

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  • One agent to monitor your full-stack
  • Deployment/updates, discovery, baselining, problem ID, the root cause
  • APM, cloud infrastructure, Digital Experience (Synthetic, RUM, Session Replay) for hybrid multi-cloud
  • Get to the true root cause
  • 100,000+ hosts per cluster, designed for microservice architectures
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  • Rackspace CDN
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Slack


Top alternatives to AppDynamics

Splunk Cloud
Datadog APM
New Relic APM
ManageEngine Applications Manager

Top alternatives to Dynatrace

Datadog APM
Splunk Cloud
New Relic APM
ManageEngine Applications Manager