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Updated on: October 23, 2020

Alteryx vs SnapLogic

98% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More
Alteryx Dashboard Software
(366 Ratings)
SnapLogic iPaaS Software
(257 Ratings)
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98% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More
Alteryx Dashboard Software
(366 Ratings)
SnapLogic iPaaS Software
(257 Ratings)
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Alteryx is an advanced business intelligence software, composed of 3 major components that are gallery, server and designer by which data are collected from multiple sources using which reports are generated. It provides high security for data by encryption and allows access only to the authorized users. It gathers data from multiple sources and scripting tool in this software translates the data into information. Based on data analysis reports are generated using number of predictive tools. It provides high level of customization and personalization and allows file sharing between multiple users. ..read more

SnapLogic is an enterprise-grade tool that enables disparate apps to connect together quickly and efficiently. As an intelligent integration platform, Snaplogic empowers enterprise IT organizations and lines of business to connect together and function as a seamless entity. Organizations can automate both procure to pay and order to cash processes with the help of AI-powered machine learning capabilities. This brings speed, quality, and accuracy to data-driven decision making. Without the need to code, users can simply use a snap and assemble a framework with a drag and drop orchestration. Hence, the tool can help users achieve digital business transformation by leveraging considerable data points. And with the customer experience CRM, users can connect their customer journey to achieve a connected 360-degree view. It is also packed with cloud data warehousing that empowers users to accelerate the building and deployment of their cloud data warehouse. ..read more


Access Monitoring

24/7 (Live rep)

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Contact Number/Address

Irvine,USA /+1 888 836 4274

San Mateo, California / +1 (888) 494-1570





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Large Enterprises

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Pricing Model

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Alteryx Server
$58500 /User/Year

Alteryx Server Features

  • Secure, Reliable Analytic Scaling for the Masses
  • Enterprise Scalability
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Analytic Governance
  • Base price for single server with 4-cores
Alteryx Connect (Add-on)
$39000 /User/Year

Alteryx Connect Features

  • Data and Asset Discovery Access, Sharing and Collaboration
  • Data Asset Discovery and Cataloging
  • Metadata Management
  • Google-like Data Search

Alteryx Promote

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Alteryx Promote Features

  • Data Science Model Production and Management
  • Deploy Predictive Models
  • Model Version Management
  • Monitor Model Performance

Alteryx Designer Desktop Scheduling (Add-on)
$6500 /User/Year

Alteryx Designer Desktop Scheduling Feature

  • Schedule and Automate Analytic Workflows
  • Set and control scheduling from desktop
  • Automate operational reports
Alteryx Designer Demographic and Firmographic Data (Add-on)
$33800 /User/Year

Alteryx Designer Demographic and Firmographic Data Features

Demographic, Spatial, Segmentation, and Firmographic Data Packages

  • US package: Experian data, Dand B, US Census Bureau data, and more
  • Canadian package: Statistics Canada Census, and firmographic data from D and B
Alteryx Designer Spatial Data (Add-on)
$11700 /User/Year

Alteryx Designer Spatial Data Features

TomTom, DigitalGlobe Data Packages, and more

  • Analytics-ready data, boundaries, and maps
  • Global data packages available
Alteryx Designer
$5195 /User/Year

Alteryx Designer Features

  • Code-Free meets Code-Friendly Data Analytics
  • Agnostic Data Access
  • Data Prep and Blending
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Visualytics
  • Report and Share Insights in any Format
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IIP Enterprise


  • Unified, visual platform with a manager, designer, and dashboard
  • Connect to every endpoint - Unlimited use of pre-built, intelligent connectors to connect to thousands of apps, databases, devices, APIs, big data, and more
  • AI-based Integration Assistant predicts the next step in your pipeline – no coding needed, driving self-service
  • API Creation
  • Snaplex architecture - Choose where execution takes place with what fits you best - Cloudplex or Groundplex
  • Flexible deployment - Hybrid, embedded, cloud, and on-premises flexibility
  • Multiple environments - Production and non-production environments
  • Comprehensive data transformation - Transform your data to fit all variety of data formats (XML, flat file, hierarchical, etc.)
  • Advanced security
  • Manage streaming, real-time, event-driven, and batch data
  • Patterns - Reusable integration pipelines jump start your integration efforts
  • Unlimited Users - Empower everyone (citizen integrator) to do integrations
  • Collaboration - Share integration patterns and projects to accelerate company-wide initiatives (Digital Data Transformation)
  • Data-agnostic - Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Real-time validation - Visually watch your data move from one endpoint to many endpoints
  • Support - Platinum support, Gold support, and Silver support options
  • Community - Collaborate with others to learn best practices
  • Online and onsite training to boost productivity


  • SnapLogic API Management
  • SnapLogic eXtreme - Support for managed big data services
  • SnapLogic Data Science - Accelerate the development and deployment of machine learning models, so you can reap the benefits of AI faster
  • SnapLogic for B2B Integration
IIP Ultra Enterprise


  • Includes features of IIP Enterprise plan, plus
  • Ultra pipelines that enable reliable, real-time completion of time-sensitive enterprise tasks and processes
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  • Tableau
  • NetSuite


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