Top SaaS newsletters you should subscribe to in 2020

These are the SaaS newsletters that give you a lowdown of everything that you need to know in the ever-changing world of SaaS.

With so much happening in the world of SaaS, it’s difficult to follow and get a lowdown on everything that matters. That’s where SaaS newsletters come in, as they are the most convenient ways to get news of the industry. So, if you have a SaaS business or are an aspiring entrepreneur, here’s the curated list of SaaS newsletters that you should subscribe to.


SaaStr was formed when several SaaS entrepreneurs’ and founders teamed up in the year 2012. It primarily started as a WordPress blog and gradually added more content pieces.

Now, SaaStr publishes podcasts and has its own space dedicated to co-working and the learning management system. It also is behind some of the top SaaS conferences and events. Coming to its newsletter, there are three options that one can subscribe to, named as SaaStr Daily, SaaStr Weekly Newsletter, and Event Updates. Depending upon the newsletter you opt for, you’ll get regular updates of top news, podcasts you should listen to, opinions and more.


Several SaaS investors, founders, and executives made a community known as SaaStock. The primary aim of SaaStock is to help companies improve growth, traction, and scaling. It conducts events all over the world bringing the ecosystem together.

The company has completed a five-year journey and currently has a learning hub that contains blogs, podcasts, sessions, videos, and a guide to SaaS marketing. Its weekly newsletter provides interesting content, and announcements related to SaaStock’s events as well as exciting discounts and offers on SaaS products too.

SaaS Playbook

SaaS Playbook aims at providing authentic news about the SaaS industry.

It is one of the simplest and user-friendliest SaaS newsletters available. Every week, it summarizes one article for different categories like Product, Marketing, and Startups among others, that the people who are in this industry need to read. Lastly, the newsletter also shares a book that’s worth reading.


Profitwell is one of the popular companies in the space, known for its subscription analytics software as well as its high-quality content.

Just like its website, where the content has been categorized into the three sections: SaaS Metrics, Recur Now, and Churn, it has newsletters of the same name that share the insights accordingly. SaaS Metrics is focused on all things subscription, sharing detailed guides on how subscription marketing, business, and more should be thought about. While Recur Now is a video series that acts as a roundup of sorts of businesses with recurring revenue. Similarly, Churn is aimed at offering information on how to manage it, prevent it and more.

ChartMogul SaaS Roundup

ChartMogul is yet another subscription analytics software and its SaaS Roundup is a great newsletter that has over 10k readers. It provides three top news every week.

Sent every week on Friday, along with the three things that one should read, it also provides information about the ChartMogul’s product updates, as well as a video that’s worth watching. At times, it also shares interesting discussions on LinkedIn / Twitter about the SaaS industry that should provide some interesting perspective to the readers.

Forget the Funnel

Forget the Funnel provides the subscribers with free access to over 100 SaaS tools, expert interviews, and Q and A sessions.

As the name suggests, the website and newsletter is focused on helping SaaS companies ensure that they can reach out to the customers in the right manner. The newsletter is a great way to get such ideas, though one can also opt for a paid package that provides one-on-one guidance among other things.

Predictable Revenue

Predictable Revenue’s newsletter provides SaaS-related news in an easy-to-consume manner.

The newsletter shares the top blog posts and podcasts from Predictable Revenue that one should read and listen to, respectively. It also shares about Predictable Revenues events, workshops and more from time to time.

OpenView Partners

The OpenView Partners is among the leading investors in the SaaS space. It also has a well-known SaaS newsletter, having a community of over 100,000 people.

OpenView Partners newsletter aims on the all-round development of a SaaS business. It provides knowledge on various segments like packaging and pricing of software, corporate development, conversion and acquisitions, and expansion.


ProductLed is among the best free and authentic SaaS newsletters. Its primary aim is to help people create a product-led business.

Along with that, it also connects people on their journey to create a product-led business. Currently, the community has over 20,000 members.

Tomaz Tunguz

Tomaz Tunguz is a VC at Redpoint Ventures, and one of the prominent voices in this ecosystem. He started his blog back in 2008, and has amassed over 40,000 subscribers.

His newsletter shares some great insights and perspectives on the SaaS industry, which is a must read for everyone in the space.

SaaSworthy’s SaaS Weekly Roundup

This is SaaSworthy’s own newsletter which aims to be a one-stop resource for anyone who wants to know everything that matters in the space quickly.

The weekly newsletter shares news and funding announcements of the week along with some long articles that provide interesting insights. Along with that, it also mentions the podcasts that are worth listening to as well as videos that should be watched to gain a better understanding of the ecosystem, hear the leaders speak, among many other things.

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