SaaS is a global phenomenon, and if there’s any doubt about that, then you just need to see the funding announcements this week. Of course, the week saw a lot of other action in the world of software-as-a-service. So without further ado, here’s your weekly roundup of all things SaaS.

News of the week

Slack introduces new updates to Workflow Builder

Workplace chat platform Slack has announced a bunch of automation features to improve its Workflow Builder. To recall, the tool was released in 2019, and it’ll now allow users to send their workflows to others. The Salesforce-owned company also announced that it’ll support the conditional logic of “if-then” statements for creating more sophisticated workflows early next year.

A new SaaS war: Accel-backed BrowserStack Vs Sequoia-backed LambdaTest face off

With India becoming a hotbed of SaaS startups, we’re seeing an ugly side of that too. It wasn’t long ago that Zoho took Freshworks to the court, and now a battle between BrowserStack and LambdaTest is brewing. Both are automated testing platforms, and the report suggests that LambdaTest isn’t only poaching BrowserStack’s employees, but asking them about their clients, secret product details, etc.

SaaS companies that got the funding this week

OneSignal lands $50million to automatically optimize SMS, in-app and email campaigns

We’re seeing a surge in marketing tools, and OneSignal is no different. It’s a platform that lets mobile apps send notifications (along with usual channels like SMS and email) to their users. It has raised $50million in a Series C investment led by BAM Elevate.

oVice raises $32 million in Series B to develop virtual offices for remote and hybrid teams

Virtual office platform oVice has closed a 45 billion Yen ($32.5million) Series B funding round. It’s a Japan-based company that’s quickly expanding to more markets to become the de facto option for hybrid workplaces, allowing teams to connect with each other in a better manner.

Stockholm-based Billogram bags €15million to expand its payment platform across Europe

The payment revolution is underway, and a lot of fin-tech and SaaS startups are aiming to be at the forefront of the same. The Sweden-based Billogram offers automated payment and invoicing services, including managing recurring payments. It has just raised €15million to fuel its expansion into the European market.

Powering workplaces of tomorrow, deskbird scores $5M to fuel European expansion

Workforce management platform deskbird has secured a $5million pre-Series A funding. The software lets employees plan their office and work-from-home days, book desks, and more. The investment will help the startup expand in the European markets.

In numbers

74 percent enterprises in US, UK, and Europe report that more than half of their applications are now SaaS based.

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