Many distinct items can be referred to as mobile marketing software. Its fundamental component is a type of multichannel engagement software. This can comprise CRMs as well as solutions for SMS marketing, marketing automation, reputation management, mobile analytics, mobile engagement, and optimization.

Marketers are accustomed to having a selection of tools at their disposal, but the nature of the work necessitates a constant search for new, improved, and alternative solutions.

Comparing Mobile Marketing Software Criteria

Mobile Marketing Software
Source: The Ecomm Manager
  • User Interface: Software for mobile marketing should have a simple user interface that shows exactly how your content will appear on different mobile devices.
  • Usability: Since mobile marketing tools are likely to be a small part of a broader marketing strategy, it is essential that they be simple to use so as not to divert time from other initiatives.
  • Integrations: It is great for mobile marketing apps to link up with other e-commerce development and marketing platforms you employ, such as your CMS, CRM, task management services, and collaboration tools.
  • Price for Pricing: The value-to-price ratio of any program should be favorable. A system with tiers of price is good, as well as a free trial or demo.

Key Elements of Mobile Marketing

The following are the main characteristics I consider when choosing mobile marketing software.

  • Ability to create and implement marketing campaigns using SMS text services
  • Email marketing: As a growing number of consumers now predominantly use mobile devices for email maintenance, it’s excellent to be able to design mobile-optimized email campaigns.
  • Automating tedious, time-consuming procedures in marketing allows teams to focus on more important issues.
  • Customers have the option to receive push alerts on their devices when new product messages and campaigns are launched.
  • Sending SMS marketing messages to several consumers or groups of users at once is known as bulk SMS.
  • Social media marketing: campaigns for the mobile versions of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other apps
  • Insights & Attribution in Marketing: Know who is clicking on your ads, and estimate your campaign’s return on investment

Top 8 Mobile Marketing Software

Oracle Responsys

For all of your marketing needs, Oracle Responsys is a cross-channel campaign management tool. To develop consumer categories for a more successful marketing plan, this mobile marketing software features a targeting and segmentation capability. A campaign analytics tool with data visualization dashboards is also available in Oracle Responsys to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and produce clear reports.

The greatest mobile marketing application with an AI capability is Oracle Responsys, which can determine the next ideal channel and message for a client’s journey. You may respond to erratic consumer behavior by using this artificial intelligence tool to determine the ideal marketing strategy. In order to decrease churn and increase customer engagement, Oracle Responsys takes a client’s preferences into account while developing customized marketing material.

Marketo Mobile

Based on the usage and behavior of your clients, Marketo Mobile is a mobile marketing platform for sending push notifications and in-app communications. It has graphic dashboards for tracking user activity on mobile apps. To find sales and marketing opportunities, you can use Marketo Mobile’s analytics tool to map out the whole customer lifetime of users.

The greatest mobile marketing tool with geofencing capabilities is Marketo Mobile, which enables you to target clients based on their locations. By incorporating regional culture and customs into your mobile marketing strategy, this feature might help you avoid sending out generic marketing materials.


Leanplum is a multichannel marketing platform that can assist you in hitting your revenue and engagement goals. Leanplum can assist you in creating detailed user profiles so you can research user journeys and develop tailored customer interaction tactics. Utilizing its data management tool, you may compile client information to learn how to enhance income, attract followers, and decrease churn.

With an A/B testing function, Leanplum is the ideal mobile marketing platform for selecting the most effective mobile messaging content for your marketing campaigns. To achieve the greatest results, you can utilize this feature to test various messaging concepts and tones. The Leanplum A/B testing feature can assist you in determining which mobile messages are most effective for various consumer categories.


A mobile app marketing solution called Passworks allows you to create and personalize marketing content with your own colors, fonts, photos, and logos. It enables you to distribute marketing content across all currently used channels, including text messaging, email, social media, and mobile banners. To help evaluate your marketing performance, Passworks provides an analytics component for analyzing important data like install and usage rates.

The greatest mobile marketing tool for developing promotional materials for mobile wallets like Apple Wallet, Google Play, and others is Passworks. Customers receive marketing information depending on their current position by using beacon technology to start in-store notifications. Push notifications from Passworks allow you to deliver notifications, updates, and promotions directly to your customers’ mobile devices.


A user segmentation function in the mobile marketing tool CleverTap allows users to be divided into groups and targeted based on their behavior within the app. With the use of campaign testing, its lifecycle optimization tool determines which marketing initiatives help advance customers to the following stage of the customer lifecycle. For producing and scheduling customized text messages to market goods and services, use CleverTap’s SMS marketing function. It also features an email marketing capability to automate email messages depending on a customer’s lifecycle.

The finest mobile marketing tool for increasing engagement and retaining clients is CleverTap. Delivering marketing messages via different channels, including in-app messaging, SMS messaging, push notifications, email, and app inboxes is possible with CleverTap. It tracks behavior and identifies trends using behavioral analytics.


The Vibes SMS marketing platform expands your consumer base by using omnichannel opt-in options like social media, email, in-store, QR code, and tap-to-join. Audience management is one of its primary characteristics, and experience management may help increase client engagement and lower churn risks. Its analytics and insights feature aids in the development of business and marketing plans by enabling you to comprehend past and present performance.

With SMS, MMS, and RCS marketing capabilities, Vibes is the ideal SMS marketing platform for reaching more clients that prefer these marketing channels. Vibes’ MMS marketing function lets you offer rich, entertaining and engaging MMS material by including images and GIFs, which can help you increase consumer interaction. It contains a capability for SMS marketing automation that customizes a message.


A content management tool on the digital experience platform Optimizely allows for the creation of tailored content for various user categories. To help you maximize sales possibilities, its mobile and SMS marketing automation tool automatically delivers messages based on consumer actions or behaviors. To ensure that you only deliver the finest messages and marketing materials on your marketing channel, Optimizely includes an A/B testing option that you can use to test messages.

For large companies and corporations, Optimizely is the finest text message and email marketing platform since it helps automate procedures to encourage accountability and make managing big marketing teams easier. Its marketing procedures can help you fulfill deadlines while ensuring brand compliance and marketing consistency.


An analysis tool for user activity on mobile apps and websites is called Smartlook. With the help of Smartlook, you may give team members access to session records to get new perspectives on potential product ideas and promotions. For visually evaluating client engagement and recognizing churn threats, it offers a heat map capability.

The greatest mobile marketing tool, Smartlook, has a recording feature that lets you watch consumer behavior and spot problems with your app. You may monitor how people use your app and identify any features or actions that cause them to become frustrated so you can make improvements by watching session recordings or replays.


Using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to reach the target audience is the goal of mobile marketing, a multichannel digital marketing strategy. More people respond to and are successful with mobile campaigns than with any other kind of advertising. This is because targeting skills allow marketers to connect with a far larger and more varied audience.

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