ATLAS.ti is a qualitative data analysis platform in which businesses can evaluate the quality of text, graphics, audio, and video material. Using Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS devices, the platform can be installed locally or in the cloud. Businesses and educational institutions can use ATLAS.ti to analyze data from social media, websites, and documents.

What do we like?

  • Quantitative data analysis 
  • Can upload photos and videos
  • Keeps data organized 
  • Easy to manage
  • Freedom to name categories

What to improve?

  • Can make codes more intuitive 
  • Customer service
  • Prices to be lower

Atlas.ti Overview

Source: Atlas.ti

Users of ATLAS.ti Cloud can store papers and organise their qualitative data on the cloud. Within the platform, users can edit documents and content and include notes, comments, or tags to highlight particular statements or add more data insights. Additionally, ATLAS.ti enables collaborative production utilising focus groups, tracking of analysis progress via an analysis journal, and finding pertinent content using the Smart Search feature.

No matter what industry you operate in, ATLAS.ti enables anybody to analyse data and unearth insightful knowledge. It is used by academics and brands alike.

From straightforward analysis assignments to extensive research projects: With ATLAS.ti’s user-friendly research tools and top-notch technology, you can quickly and simply extract useful information from your qualitative and mixed methods data:

  • Access our Web version as well as native Mac and Windows programs
  • One full software package with all features and tools
  • With the help of AI, save time and discover insights automatically.
  • Observe smooth project transfer across versions
  • Benefit from real-time team collaboration
  • Distribute multi-user licenses to as many individuals as you choose.
  • Take advantage of our free live help and professional training.

Features of Atlas.ti

Real-Time Team Collaboration

Collaboration across your entire team doesn’t have to be difficult. You may quickly invite team members and work effectively and in real-time on projects thanks to ATLAS.ti’s process simplification.

AI-Powered Features and Tools

With the help of several automated research tools, let ATLAS.ti handle the work for you and save time. You can instantly acquire analyses of your papers using cutting-edge AI technologies and natural language processing created by our ATLAS.ti AI Lab.

24/5 Free Live Support

To give you the assistance you require, our research specialists and ATLAS.ti experts are available round-the-clock. We will make every effort to keep your analytical project moving smoothly.

Redefining License Management

For maximum effectiveness, “My ATLAS.ti” gives you the ability to manage users and licenses any way you see fit: There are no limits on the number of users, seats, or devices that can share a multi-user license. The seat becomes immediately available for another user after a person logs off.

Web, Mac, and Windows are fully compatible

With ATLAS.ti, you have the option of working with our desktop applications on Windows and Mac or our Web version without paying any additional fees. Regardless of the platform you choose, you may easily swap projects.

All Features in One Package

For a single flat charge, ATLAS.ti licenses provide access to all functionalities across all platforms. No surprises or unforeseen fees. Additionally, multi-licenses offer the greatest flexibility since when a user logs off, a spot immediately becomes available for another user.

Atlas.ti Pricing 

For this product or service, ATLAS.ti hasn’t given a price range. Both software vendors and service providers do this frequently. For up-to-date pricing, get in touch with ATLAS.ti.

Atlas.ti Integrations

With NovoPath 360, ATLAS.ti provides a supported integration.

Atlas.ti FAQs

Can you edit documents in Atlas.ti?

A document edit toolbar with numerous choices will now appear on top of the document. Click Edit Text once again to exit edit mode. While coding, we advise against staying in edit mode. While highlighting text for coding, you could unintentionally change the text.

What is Atlas.ti good for?

A qualitative research tool called ATLAS.ti can be used for data visualisation, literature reviews, network diagramming, and coding of transcripts and field notes.

What are memos in Atlas TI?

Memos can serve as a bulletin board for team members to share information. Definitions, conclusions, or theories from pertinent literature can be kept in one or more memos. Memos can be used to summarise your analysis. These memoranda will serve as the foundation of your research report. 

Does Atlas TI transcribe data?

You may use ATLAS.ti’s to combine transcripts from practically any app or service that offers transcripts. Whether you use an automated speech-to-text system, a professional transcription provider, or your own personal translation, ATLAS.

Can you collaborate on Atlas TI?

The project will automatically store and update when multiple users collaborate on it in real-time using ATLAS. ti Web. Everyone can work on the project from their own computers after selecting it and inviting their team members.

Can you highlight it on atlas.ti?

After highlighting your content, you can also select the appropriate code button from the Coding group under the Document tab. The Document tab is only accessible if you have an open document because it is context-specific. 

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