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Lawsuits demand fair play of both the people in conflict considering the evidence and truth. Not only a phenomenon, but it is a need to find out the truth while in a conflict. Thus, to ease up the struggle of dedicated lawyers and paralegals, here’s a list of top eDiscovery software that must be considered to be installed in law firms and government investigative channels. These software make the investigation process easy using automated artificial technology that leads to proper results on the technical front.

What is eDiscovery software?

eDiscovery software is used by law firms and government investigation organizations to carry out automated and machine-based research on evidence and follow-up patterns of legal cases that are of priority. eDiscovery software provides electronic information on legal cases and histories when requested by an authorized administrator. It can also be termed as a tool for reviewing documents related to lawsuits and investigations.

An eDiscovery software makes tracking opened cases easy and organizes all necessary documents in files and folders that can be accessed easily. The software also has features to find out information within a document using specific keywords. It also stores metadata secured with high levels of security so that no foul play or serious security hazard occurs. eDiscovery software is the most efficient technological advancement in the investigation process of legal matters.

5 top eDiscovery software in 2021

There is a plethora of eDiscovery software made available by top eDiscovery companies that can be subscribed for enhanced functioning of lawsuit investigations. A good eDiscovery software will include features such as culling intelligence, cloud-based storage, AI quality control, deduplication, OCR, user reporting, tagging, document review, metadata extraction, added security features, auto-redaction, etc.

The 5 top eDiscovery software in 2021 are –

1. DISCO Ediscovery

Source: DISCO Ediscovery

DISCO Ediscovery software is the top-rated eDiscovery software that is used to produce legal investigative reports using artificial intelligence. It is a cloud-based software that stores all documents in a cloud system with proficient levels of security. It has a simple user interface and can be used to tag, review, and process documents for investigations.

The software is efficient in storing all metadata and can filter documents from all categories to produce the one that is of immediate need. The software is also efficient in storing large files and still runs smoothly without crashing. The cloud-based system does not allow loss of data leading to safe and secured storage.


  • It is a fast and secure software that gives immediate results when searched for documents.
  • The features let the users find information deep within a document in no time.
  • The artificially intelligent system finds data and creates analysis reports that can help in further investigations.
  • It has a very simple and customizable user interface that is a unique feature in such complex tools.
  • The visual search tool helps find the documents within documents while running a visual search.


The website is not available for a free trial. It can be bought for a price with respect to the GB used.

2. Logikcull

Logikcull is one of the best eDiscovery software that can be used by the legal and IT industries. The software can generate analysis reports on documentation that can be helpful in leading with the case or investigation. The software is automated and can perform drag and drop data processing and organization.

The software is efficient for small to large-sized businesses and enterprises. This is an affordable software that works on culling intelligence and serves all major purposes of eDiscovery software. The high security of data in a cloud-based system with high levels of protection from potential threats and hackers makes the software one of the most common and widely used among reputed organizations.


  • This is a fully automated software that can find disputes and generate reports on evidence.
  • The software efficiently stores all data related to a case or investigation in a very organized way so that no time is wasted while searching for data.
  • The software can perform efficient research on documentation and information within documents.
  • The software can tag similar documents and diffuse large data sets.


Per matter per month- $395

3. Everlaw

Source: Everlaw

Everlaw is a collaboration software that stores data in a cloud system so that it can be accessed easily from anywhere and can avoid the potential threat of data hacks. Everlaw is largely used by law firms, government investigative organizations, litigation attorneys, etc. It is a software best suited for small and large businesses.

The software can review documents without any hassles using technological features such as spreadsheets, medical images, MS Teams, CAD files, videos, Slack, calendar invitations, iMessage, and SMS. It has an interactive dashboard that contains all information about the different cases and categories.


  • The software is multilingual with 100 languages to serve a global network of users.
  • It has artificial intelligence features that help analyze evidence and documents to generate reports.
  • It can use unique technology to prepare arguments for depositions and trials.
  • It can translate large written and recorded documents in multiple languages. It can transcribe large multimedia files.
  • The software can be integrated with Google drive, Dropbox, Google vault, and OneDrive effortlessly for storing data.
  • It has a secured programming code to keep safe from potential data theft.


The official website of Everlaw must be contacted to get a personalized price quote.

4. Digital WarRoom

Source: Digital WarRoom

Digital WarRoom is software used for the basic eDiscovery phenomenon. It is used for document reviewing, tagging, processing, production, filtration, redaction, privilege log, and keyword searching. Any organization that needs the basic task surrounding an eDiscovery platform can avail of Digital WarRoom.

Digital WarRoom software can analyze reports and advise the litigators on the area of best practices while putting forward arguments during a trial. The software is cloud-based and provides high levels of security features to avoid any kind of cyber threat that can lead to the loss of data.


  • It can perform all primary tasks of the eDiscovery platform like document processing, document review, and document production.
  • It is a cloud-based software that stores all data in a cloud computing system.
  • It can operate on Windows, Linux, and mac.
  • It supports the English language for all its functions.
  • It can be used all over the world.


  • Digital WarRoom Pro (On-Prem) – $1795.00, Per Year Per License
  • Digital WarRoom Single Matter (Hosted) – $10.00, Per GB Per Month
  • Digital WarRoom Private Cloud (Hosted Multi-Matter) – $2000.00, Per Month for 500 GB Included

5. IBM StoredIQ Suite

Source: IBM

IBM is a leading software company in the global industry that also provides eDiscovery software to ease up the tasks of a law firm and investigative organizations. It is an effective software that produces electronic information of cases when requested by an administrator. It can run policy checks against evidence to find out the necessary details.

IBM StoredIQ Suite is ideal for mid-sized industries. It uses a cloud storage system to secure data so that no potential cyber threats are suffered. It is also an ideal software for the insurance industry.


  • It is a cloud-based software that stores data that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • It has programmed levels of security.
  • It can perform all types of primary eDiscovery software needs, including document production, document processing, and document reviewing.
  • It can search efficiently through documents and find the specified keywords within them.
  • It is used to store all data regarding ongoing cases that makes document tracking easy.


The various eDiscovery vendors or the official website can be contacted to get a price quote.


Some sectors need high levels of security while working and eDiscovery software are proficient with the features. If you own a small, mid-sized, or large law firm, the wise decision will lie in installing the best eDiscovery software. Above was the top eDiscovery software list for 2021 that can be considered while choosing the best software for your business.

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